I Spy Challenge in Youtube Videos

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  1. I am a videographer and have recently been thinking about how to maximize the consumer's interest in my videos. My videos are primarily me traveling to different events, nature areas, and cities while discovering the culture. I recently did a montage of clips depicting the crazy/interesting people of Portland. Since the streets are filled with so many vibrant characters and unique events, I decided to add an "I SPY" challenge to the context of my video. I am hoping this will broaden my spectrum of audience and also give the viewer the chance to take the experience a step further. Here is my first vid, its chronologically ordered...
    "I SPY" Challenge for Viewers:
    1) A dude pissing in the trash can (this first example is provided)
    2) Many, many tents
    3) The world famous “Voodoo Doughnuts”
    4) Two cops riding passed a belligerent crack head
    5) Emo girl registering to legalize marijuana
    6) The Virgin Mary holding her water
    7) An off-beat kid on the maracas
    8) An outspoken drunk requesting more “Buck Owens” music
    9) Cheese from the street drummer
    10) A horny dog
    Although this may seem like a waste of time, I'd argue that it's little things like these that make for a quality production.


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