I sprayed pledge in my mouth... but it was worth it

Discussion in 'General' started by mastakilla420, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. So tonight I was driving home from a friends house. I had just finished smoking a blunt with him there. I put drops in, but my gum was at my house n my guy ran out of gum earlier that day.

    I had to grab some shit at my house, which is about 10 mins away. I'm an excellent driver sober or high, idk about alcohol i always crash somewhere for the night if i drink.

    5 mins in I get pulled over by a cop.

    At this point, my eyes are fine, but I can still taste the blunt in my mouth, so my breath is gonna be terrible. So I scramble for some gum, there is none. I look for drinks, I find nothing.

    Finally I pick up the bottle of pledge wood cleaner, for cleaning food furniture. I had just bought it to clean a wood dresser of mine.

    I forced myself to spray my mouth with the pledge!!!! I Knew from previous experiences that it smelt good, but it tasted like shit of course!!! It was so nasty.

    So the cop comes up to my window, and tells me that my license plate lights are out. He lets me go with a "warning" and tells me to get it fixed soon.
  2. LMAO, it's better than getting arrested.
  3. This is another reason why I smoke cigarettes.
  4. lol
    in mouth?

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm healthy
  6. Don't worry, honey, you'll get used to it.
  7. very weird but what u didnt know is drinking pledge gives u explosive diarrhea
  8. your crazy

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