I spotted an Aircraft airplane in the sky. possible Su - 57

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by greenwatcher, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Yea i spotted an unidentified aircraft bout 1-2 years ago maybe 3. then a few months later i believe i was hit with an AirBurst Round of some sort. i think Su-57 may have taken a picture of me and they wated to tag me in order to follow me.
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  2. i may have posted this already
  3. Why are you spamming the forums with nonsense?
  4. [​IMG]
    You got away this time...but each time you online......just to ezy?
  5. was X500 too easy?
  6. looks ALOT bigger in Person im not claiming to be military
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    That wasn't an airburst that hit you, it was a neuronal programmer, from that moment on you can't know if anything you think or say is your own ideas or if it's part of your programming. The Su-57 you saw? You didn't see it, that was part of the programming package. Life as you knew it is over, you are now a puppet on a string.
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  8. Nonsense utter nonsense /
  9. "Hey, Kurov...We should fuel up this jet with millions of dollars worth of gas, attach billions of dollars worth of equipment just so we can hit this kid out in the woods."

    "Brilliant, Yuri...Fuckin' brilliant!":coolalt:
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  10. You too!!!???!!!???
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  11. This thread should have been deleted 6 hours ago.
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  12. The hadron collider created an alternate universe within our universe no need to worry about the gvt were all FUCKED.
  13. Here comes the anal probes.

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