I spent two nights with the Dinguses....

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. LOL, I knew that would get the attention of the gutter-minded....

    Anyway, during my stay in TN, I spent two nights at a hotel with the Dinguses... The first night we spent scraping each other's bowls for resin b/c we couldnt find any weed. We stayed up until 2am talking about stuff and smoking resin...it was fun :D

    The second night we could only get a room with one bed so I had to sleep on the floor, but I've slept on worse so it was ok. We ordered "The Two Towers" which I had been wanting to see for a while, so that was awesome (BTW, great movie :D) The girl at the desk looked like a punk, so we asked her where we could get weed..she said that she was busy, but she would make some calls for us and give us a buzz. an hour goes by, no call, so Mr Dingus went to go check, and when she said she was busy she wasn't kidding! She said her BF was coming soon and if he didnt have any he could find some, so when he showed up Mr Dingus went with them while they called around, but they couldnt get ahold of their hookup, so we were still weedless :( We never did find any in TN...bummer. anyway, so we just watched the movie (they fell asleep, but I watched the whole thing) and in the morning got breakfast and went back to BH's house, they said their goodbyes and got back on the road. then Bud Head and his wife and one of his sons took me to the bus station and I was on my way home.

    all in all, I had a very good time... I got to meet some awesome people, got out of PA for a while (I needed a break :p), and I was even invited to stay with the Dinguses once they're on their feet in FL, which I might just do this summer, since they're moving so close to where my dad already lives.
  2. Sounds like you had a pretty awsome time.. It's to bad you couldn't find any green though... :smoking::smoke::D
  3. lol, I thought the Dinguses would be old....like in their 40's, but Mrs is 26 and Mr will be 30....I thought BH was gonna look like the KFC colonel....haha, I was mistaken!
  4. LOL the kfc kurnel..haha

    yep thats who budhead seems like ;)

    glad ya had fun, hope I come with ya next time :p
  5. LOL....I am short, but I'm not blonde, and I'm sure no hippy! Hehehe...I kinda dress punk/skater usually....I dunno, it's weird :D
  6. lol, kernal sanders!!! LMAO!

    too bad ya'll couldn't get out here on the way to TN... dry isn't a word we hear very often around here ;)

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