I somehow burned my OG Kush leaves & don't know what went wrong?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Always_Learning420, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. 20190604_140714.jpg 20190604_140627.jpg Ok.... hi everyone out there I'm brand new to Grasscity as far as posting anything of my own. I've been growing my elderly fathers medicine for 4-5 years now indoor & for the most part anytime I've had any issues it was due to either bugs " mostly spider mights" , ph being off , or temp too high/low ,which all the above is easy to correct if caught early enough.
    Now this is my first time growing OG Kush btw... Ok the 2nd week of flower I noticed thripes & a few spider mites so I went to my local Esposito to get mighty wash but they only had one gallon of Mighty... This was not mighty wash but looks literally identical& figured they had simply changed the name so I got it and treated my ladies with it , next day I noticed white , yellow & brown spots over many of my bigger leaves... But the bugs were definitely killed off by 2 applications but my leaves suffered terribly & therefore so will my yield but I really need to know what caused this so I can prevent it from happening in the future.
    Btw NO I didn't spray with the lights on lol. I've used mighty wash many times before without any issues so I'm wondering if I possibly got a bad batch or if I did something else wrong? They are currently on week 7 of flower and surprisingly smell sweet and very frosty despite the fan leaves getting cooked weeks ago lol.... Anyway thanks for taking the time to read my post & if you have any suggestions it would surely be appreciated. Peace !!
  2. I've used Neem Oil from lowes and sprayed with the lights on.
    Thing is with them little white spiders, the hatch every day, and from a new born to one old enough to lay eggs is like 7 days. Neem don't kill the eggs, just the live bugs, so you have to spray every other day for 2 weeks top and bottom of each leaf until you kill em' all.
    Neem is safe so you can spray until cut so I've read.
  3. Thanks for the reply , I have Neem & use it during veg ...works great but you can't use it once in flower. This issue started right after spraying with Mighty but I can't be 100% if that had anything to do with it because I've used Neem & mighty wash both with good success however you CAN NOT use with lights on as I learthe hard way lol.
  4. If you had no issues with using Neem during lights on that's good to hear but I've always used during lights out to avoid possible burn.
  5. Why not light? How can you see to spray each light.
    I have read the neem is plant based and can be used in flowering.
    Research it more to make sure. If you don't do something about the spiders, you might as well cut now.
    If they are webbing if may be to late for anything
  6. Bugs have been gone after I used mighty wash as I stated earlier I'm in week 6 or 7 so no need to cut yet as they are almost finished, I just know I lost some yield this time & trying my hardest to figure out what went wrong.
    Btw I spray like 10 min before lights out not during lights on that way I can see but it gets dark right after.
  7. Yes you are correct once mites start webbing your definitely in trouble my friend, happened to me years ago but now I keep a close eye out for those especially. I appreciate your advice& comment nonetheless
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  8. Im not familiar with that particular product but plants are lot more sensitive in flower than veg. If you used the same strength spray as you did in veg during flower or if you did two application one day after another you probably just hit the plant too hard. Basically anything that will kill insects is going to cause some hard to the plant which is why you want to just hit them hard once in veg and end the problem. When I used to do large scale growing in an area with lots of mites I would just neem dunk all my clones after rooting as a preventative. The only insecticide I've ever used to kill mites without harming plants is nicotine but that is hell on the environment and smells awful.
  9. Thanks for the advice, mighty wash is a one strength solution as it's not supposed to be watered down/ diluted at all... I've used it multiple times in the past without issues but something happened this time idk... I agree with you it's best to try to get rid of pests early on but I accidentally got a few thripes & mites in week 2 of flower so I hit them with Mighty wash 2 nights in a row which got rid of the pests but possibly created a separate issue. Tbh as bad as the fan leaves got burned I'm surprised they are finishing up as good as they are.... Just minus some yield. It's all good though, I'm just trying to learn from my mistakes is all.
    Thanks for the reply, peace
  10. I've actually heard of using nicotine before also but never tried it because until now mighty wash killed any pests I encountered without issues . I suppose you have a point though anything that kills pests is likely to do some type of harm to the plant. Try to minimize
  11. Now I would definitely try rosemary oil and/or citric acid preventative before neem or nicotine.

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