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I Smoked Too Much And Feel Guilty..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by saethestoner, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. I'm a 21 year old fairly new stoner. I've only been smoking for a couple months. I use pot mostly for my chronic illness that leaves me nauseous and unable to eat and very fatigued. In the beginning, I'd take a couple hits from a one hitter and I'd be baked, now smoking two bowls barely gets me high. I also deal with chronic pain, so I've been smoking almost every day. I bought some rolling papers yeaterday and decided to try my luck with rolling a joint because I bought 1/8 from my local dispensary (prices are insane right now). My first joint was terrible, but I lit it to see how it would burn. It burned super fast, I smoked half of it, tore the paper and collected the rest of the weed because I didn't want to waste it by smoking a poor joint. I decided to roll another joint and it turned out so much better. I was going to save it, but I was too excited to see how it burned (it was so nice by the way). Well, I think I put a little too much weed in it (closer to .75g) and I expected to be baked out of my mind, and after ten minutes I barely was high. I just recently bought a new pipe and it has a very small bowl (two, maybe three decent hits per bowl) and I smoked two of those hoping to get very high. It's getting super long but basically I just quit my job and I have $45 to my name, I just spent almost $60 for 1/8 and I smoked just about half of what I bought, and the next time I plan to pick up was supposed to be next week. I feel so guilty, what do I do?
  2. try to find a job first save some money then you can buy all the green you want

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  3. Sell your clothes on the street so you don't go homeless. :confused_2:


    Seriously, get a job. If you can hang onto one of can get high every day, as much as you want. No job, no ganja. Sheesh.
  4. you could start a go fund me
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  5. Oh ouch. 60 for an eighth.

    But you're good man it's just your tolerance raising. Quit smoking for a few days.

    you cannot afford them...nothing wrong with that. Just buy a one-hitter. I can get FOUR TIMES more mileage out of my herb with a one-hitter/small bat then I can with a poorly rolled Joint.

    Try it least for what you have left. It's worth the 5 bucks. Or Make a GRAVITY BONG. Or an Apple pipe and don't let any smoke escape.

    Joints by necessity are going to waste weed. If I have quantity I don't consider it a waste because I like a J for many reasons, but if I were trying to conserve that would be the LAST thing I would be smoking.
  7. get a joint, rip 5 hits in a row at a quick pace and then make a 2 second pause. Repeat. Magic formula 100% success rate.
  8. Bro...if you live in a legal state, medical or otherwise, I'm sure you have access to cheaper 'lower quality' cannabis. Smoke that.
    Also...maybe it's best to limit your smoking to night time. It's what I do. Otherwise I'd smoke all day everyday lol

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