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i smoked thursday and passed the test at my school on friday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 502_C, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. me and a couple friends blazed thursday night and the next day at school i got drug tested

    well awhile back one of my friends told me how he passed the test for the military even tho he smokeda day before

    all he did was get a bottle of visine and put a drop of GASOLINE in it and he said he squirted the whole bottle in it and filled up the rest of the cup with piss.

    i did the same thing and passed

    i just thought id share
  2. hmm dunna, never heard of that, guess its worth a try. But I didnt think it was even legal for a school to drug test you????
  3. wow thank you so much, i need this cuase im always gettin tested. i got a bottle of visine and i need somethin to fuck up my drug tests, thanks homie
  4. Never heard of that before, I'll try it sometime.
  5. soo did he put a drop of gasoline in a whole bottle of visine?
    and then do u pour the whole bottle of visine/gasoline into yur piss cup??
    please elaborate
  6. you have to sign a paper (or get your parents to if your under 18) and if you dont sign the paper saying they can drug test you, you cant play any sports or anything

    once you sign the paper it lasts until you graduate my parents signed mine my freshman year when they started this gay ass shit
  7. yes and yes

    pop the top off the visine and dip your finger in some gas and let a drop roll into the bottle and your good to go

  8. dude that sucks but i have heard of high schools around my area that gives kids random drug test if they are sleeping in class and such
  9. haha damn that sucks, Thank god they dont do that at my school and this is my last year. They would get sooo many kids at our school, I live in highest drug trafficing part of rhode island and afew other states in new england
  10. Are you sure you passed, or did they not send yours in?

    I know when I was in school they tested people all the time but only sent in 10-20% of the samples to actually get tested.
  11. What kind of tests does your school use?
  12. #12 Set_it_off, Feb 14, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2009
    Thanks for the info!

    How many milliliters( ml ) is your Visine bottle?

    and How did it smell with the gasoline?
  13. Damn, what has this world come to drug testing in school. Good thing they did not do that years ago when I was there otherwise the whole school would have tested positive minus a handful of people.
  14. Wheat grass and water... Best detox for cheap and its quick! got clean in 24 hours:)

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