I smoked rubbing alcohol???

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Mary.n.Mari, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. okay so I have this thing and idk what REALLY to call it because I’ve heard people call it different things, a nectar collector, a dab straw, honey straw... it’s a tube I smoke my dab out of. Anyways I was cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and I took a dab before rinsing it off and it was really weird and I think I literally smoked rubbing alcohol... am I gonna be okay lmao?
  2. Nope..better have a will..You're gonna die!!!
    Seriously, With temps above 600d F, ISO would be long gone when you heat up the nail..LMAO
  3. Please don’t scare me...
  4. Kidding.... of course you'll be ok I mean if it was going to hurt you don't you think it would have done it right after you did it
    Just don't do it again........ because your body builds up a special chemical after you smoke rubbing alcohol once and if you do it twice it will release that chemical and kill you instantly
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