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I smoked real Medical last night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AppleCity, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I was geeky like a lil school girl. It was great stuff. I have had great buds in the area that claim to be medical but it wasn't like this. I really could tell a difference.

    This stuff was bought from a dispencary from a lady who had her card. so it was first time legit i ever had. yummy i'm jelly of those of you in Colorado and Cali
  2. It's all just weed, but I do enjoy my card.
  3. I hear ya man, I'm in Canada so we have a MMJ program but as far as I know Vancouver is the only city with any actual dispensaries. High grade is in high abundance, but none of it is grown to any strict standards and it all tends to be cured too quickly or not enough and spoils the taste.

    Can't wait til legalization.

  4. It's all weed, but some of it is a lot higher quality than others.
  5. It being medical doesn't mean shit. Medical dispensaries sell mids too.
  6. Wow, I wish I could get me some'a that Medical shit.
  7. No need for the douche-y comments. I think he meant to say "Smoked some really dank top shelf last night." :hello:
  8. ^^ yes. He meant top shelf dank not mids. mids r everywhere. There is a real difference if you don't think so then you'd never smoked the top shelf [platinum or private reserve flowers] from medical CCs. Pretty sure you have but smoking mids feels like yesterday's news after dank.
  9. Yeahh "medicinal" weed is just weed. But glad you smoked some dank! Cheers!!

  10. I'm from the American midwest and I gotta say Vancouver is one of the coolest cities in North America. It shits on Seattle, and I think Seattle is pretty nifty, too. Did I mention I was there on Cannabis Day this year?
  11. You gotta come to California. Our San Fernando og kush is outrageously tasty & potent. What's more is our shatter and nectar waxes for only $30/gram and purged to perfection. California's where it's at bro

  12. :rolleyes: people there is good shit everywhere... California isnt the only place that grows good shit... lol

    and street "dank" is the same as medicinal "dank" is what some people in this thread are trying to say
  13. #13 Rizo, Nov 27, 2012
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    You are mistaken. While we are using solvent free, pesticide free & bug eggs free, the shit people get in the streets is full with crap. I can list it from mold to chemicals and other contaminants. Oh let alone I tried good bud everywhere & when it burns, it burns black (dirty,not flushed properly); but when I burned my lab tested bud It was pure white ashes. Contaminants are the reason street medicine is well, street grade.

    Has anyone tried Crown Extracts non trim nectar? They make that nectar with flower tips [nugs] only, not trim. It was tested at 90 pct in THC alone. Got sum in the Bay Area. Anyone tried this, if so, how does this compare to regular bho? Isn't cannabinoids in sugar leaf trim same as in flower, just less? A cannabinoid is a cannabinoid is a cannabinoid .. Right?
  14. #14 The Incredible, Nov 27, 2012
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    I would like to hear how the high is different... which is what this discussion is lol...

    and doubt you have smoked bud from everywhere... California isnt a different planet. shit can be replicated anywhere

    maybe just what you smoke is bad grade
  15. #15 Rizo, Nov 27, 2012
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    Bad grade? Before getting my card, I use to smoke weed from alot of sources and connects throughout my life. All produced great highs but bad for the respiratory system because of contaminants such as molds, toxins, bug eggs, etc. all produced black ashes. It was all however very sticky and great smelling, bright and moist but not too moist. Basically it's what top shelf LOOKS like in clubs. However with closer analysis, there seems to be an invisible layer of mold and eggs. And the penetrating factor of herbicides & pesticides as well. I try to pick dispensaries that test not only for Potency but for Safety. We consumers should be aware.

    Edit * high is based on tolerance..when I smoke street it was when I first started, so I cannot answer that. However if I continue to smoke street, that tolerance would not be satisfied with street bud. And my bronchitis would've tore a hole in my lungs if I have had kept it up, due to contaminants. Since I switched to smoking concentrates & dank flowers at CCs, my lungs are thanking me.

  16. ok i get what you're saying but that doesnt mean California is the only place that does that and my original comment was referring to the highs being the same
  17. #17 Rizo, Nov 27, 2012
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    It's the soil and atmosphere. Cooler & drier climate produces danker [mold free] buds.
    The heat and drought this year kicked harvest in warp drive. This years harvest in CA is dankkkk. I saw my clubs buds & the outdoor was best in a decade. Imagine the high to that. Full spectrum sunlight and little rain produces the best terpenoids, and its the best Full highs.

  18. im not familiar with growing but what if it's grown indoors? It would seem to level the playing fields wouldnt it?

    im off to work but ill be checking back when i return... another question how do the clubs in California compare to ones in other medicinal states then?
  19. #19 Rizo, Nov 27, 2012
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    Idk if you heard of Crown Extracts from socal but they use the very best technology to vac purge & techniques for their wax. They also have nectar that is made from bud Tips & not trim. Highest potency of cannabinoids. We have some in the Bay Area, CA. Tested at 90 % thc alone. CBD cannabinoids & terpenes make up the rest.
  20. I understand what he is saying, like legit got it from a medical dispensary which typically means stronger more dank buds because they are able to grown it. I smoked real medical when I flew into Cali over the summer and I know exactly what you mean.

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