I smoked my friends weed. I suck.

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  1. Okaaaay, so I smoked weed that belonged to my friend, she asked me to keep it for her but I just couldn't and I smoked it. WHAT DO I TELL HER? I really feel like shit... But really, what can I tell her?
    It was about 1/8 maybe a little bit more of mids. Soooooo WHAT THE FUCK DO I SAY TO HER? :confused:
  2. You done goof'd
  3. Lmao you didn't even smoke just a little wtf
  4. You smoked a whole eighth that wasn't yours? Nice goin'. :p

    You tell her "I'm really sorry I smoked your weed. Here's the money for it."
  5. Either what JD said, or buy her an 8th of dank. Then she'll be happy :D
  6. What are you, a crackhead? You couldn't resist? Just buy your own instead of taking hers.

  7. I knew someone would say that :( I can resist (several t-breaks of at least 4 months) but I was soooo bored
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    Just hand her the empty bag. If she says anything, tell her you don't know what she's talking about.

    That will show her. Relying on her friend to hold her weed for her. Pfft, as if.
  9. LOL....OP, around 4 years ago I did the same thing.....I was supposed to hold it for a friend to blaze the next day with him, but was dry and could not sleep so I ended up smoking it all....
    The next day he came over and I had to tell him of my shameful deed....
    He surprisingly was an Angel about it and said that his weed was my weed and that it was cool...but I could tell he was pretty upset..
    I felt like a douchbag.....and when I think back on it I feel sick at what I did....
    it was disrespectful and selfish....
    I would never do that again and I hope you too learn a lesson from all this...

  10. Oh I've learned and I haven't even told her... Oh god, this is going to be bad
  11. What's done is done. Stop moping about it if you've learned your lesson. It won't get you anywhere.

    Now, it's time to either start trying to fix it, or think about something else. Why unnecessarily continue to bring yourself down?
  12. Just do the only possible thing you can do in this situation.

  13. Tell her you dropped it in a blunt and the blunt caught on fire or dick her down.

  14. Yeah, you are right. I think I'll give her the money and just apologize.
  15. wtf lol your sad. an 8th? and u smoked all of it? what the fuck did u think would happen? some weed leprechaun would appear and toss you another eighth to give back to her?
    lol. desperate sad stoner:smoke:
  16. Let us know how she reacts.

    Hope you're not trying to get it in :p
  17. OP, how many days did you hold out before you started smoking said 8th?

    XD just curious
  18. smoking 1/8 of your friends weed... really not a good look.

    what id do in this situation (although id never do this in the first place) is buy another 8th, and give that 8th to your friend. id say "yo i smoked your other shit haha my bad, but here i bought this new 8th for you" and hope she's cool with it.
  19. Yikes.
    Apologizing. (sincerely) and giving her more money then what that eighth was worth would be the least u should do.
    My opinion.

    Edit: or do what the dude above me said. :) make sure its bomb though! Unless for some reason she doesnt like good weed.
    Believe me, there are ppl like that too.

  20. Well thats nice. Maybe desperate, but I assure you I'm not sad :smoke: I couldn't hold the temptation because 1. My dealer is out of town 2. I have never been so bored in my whole entire life, I swear and 3. Coming out of a T-break so... yeah, I needed some herb :smoke:
    Still, I am stupid. I'll apologize and give her money back...

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