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I smoked marijuana for the first time ever last night.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nooski, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. What the heck...why do I feel slightly productive now?
  2. Because weed is great.
  3. welcome to a tokers life ;)
  4. Shouldn't have done that... Don't you know that the first hit will make you start doing heroine and meth?

    Silly potheads
  5. SXE!!!

    But yeah, I wanted to record my first experience :(

    I typed some shit on my laptop but it turned off
  6. lol i remember this happening :) and i thought i was going to be lazy...psh...welcome to the wonderful world that weed is
  7. It was scary for me bros. I felt like shutting my eyes. I would try it again, but 15 bucks for a gram?
  8. same thing happened to me. before i smoked i didnt want to find a job. now i want to but i cant because of drug testing... but i am going to burn the rest of my stash then go clean till i find a job (for real this time lol).
  9. get a vape, that gram will last you longer.
  10. Vape?

    I smoked it out a pipe. The pipe smelled like dry dick.

  11. i pay $20. if its dank thats a good price. if you buy larger amounts you get price breaks. :smoke:
  12. its 20 for a gram where i live but that can get you a good for a good 4 times, especially if your new. 5 bucks a night isnt too bad.
  13. It wasn't bad. There was a certain shape that I kept picturing. First it was the infrastructure of a building, then it turned into a crane with a wrecking ball. That's impossible !
  14. #14 Storm Crow, Feb 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2012
    Welcome to our world! :hello:

    I'm "Granny", one of the local "know-it-all"s. ;) This is really a bit early to introduce you to my List, so prepare to get your mind blown (in a very nice way)! :eek:

    Cannabis is NOT what you think it is! :confused: (The proper name of marijuana is cannabis!)

    It is WAY more than "just" a way to get high! :smoke:

    Click that first link in my sig and just start reading! :D I would suggest that you just "skim read" the titles all the way through, the first time! That will keep you busy for a while! :rolleyes:

    Once the medical facts about cannabis become known, the need for legalization becomes obvious! :smoke:

    And about the prices- want them to drop like a stone? Become an activist! :hello:

    Think about this-

    Tomatoes and cannabis take roughly the same level of care and a similar climate. Tomatoes need massive amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Cannabis prefers rich soil, but will grow almost anywhere and it has few pests if grown outdoors. Tomatoes need to be "babied" at harvest- they bruise so easily. Cannabis doesn't bruise. If we are drying the tomatoes, you need heated, insect-proof sheds and more- cannabis will dry nicely in a simple pole barn! It costs more to produce tomatoes than cannabis!

    Logically, cannabis should be cheaper than dried tomatoes! :eek: I checked online a day or so ago, for the price of organic dried tomatoes- 8.5 ounces were $7.99! That works out to about $15 a pound!

    When was the last time you bought a pound of cannabis for $150, much less $15? The price of cannabis is kept ARTIFICIALLY HIGH by only ONE thing....PROHIBITION!

    You youngsters need to join the older tokers in our fight for legalization! :yay:

    Unless you LIKE paying $20 a gram for something that SHOULD be $20 a POUND! :smoke:

    So where do you start? HOW does one become an activist? You start by EDUCATING YOURSELF! Click that first link in my sig, or even better, send me an email (bottom of my sig), or a PM with your email address! I'll send you a huge PDF of MMJ studies and articles, FREE!

    Then, you need this address bookmarked!

    Contact Elected Officials |

    Make up a form letter-

    Dear _______, I support the medical use of cannabis/marijuana, and you should, too! Here is one good reason why

    (then stick in the text of an article like this excellent WebMD article on Alzheimer's

    Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's (news - 2006)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer's [/FONT])

    Thank you for your time,

    Your name, a registered voter!

    Comment in the online news! I do frequently and back it all up with titles of studies that folks can look up later! If I change the mind of even one person, we've won! :yay:

    If all of you worked like I do to get cannabis legalized, it would be legal by now! Come join me amd thousands of other activists! WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!

    So welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of cannabis! ENJOY! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  15. Storm crow is not this entire forum btw... Lol
  16. i like storm crow, most of the posts ive read from her are tl;dr though
  17. So how high do you guys get?
  18. Delta, when it is you asking the question, you will appreciate the thoroughness of my posts.

    And you are missing out on a great education (and possibly better highs!) by going tl;dr!

  19. Psh, I love granny and all the information she gives us, for free, when she doesn't even have to. Be thankful!
  20. seriously i love when granny posts. i feel like for the first time in my life im actually learning something i will use lol.

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