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I smoked crack cocaine in my dreams

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by BigOrange², Nov 17, 2008.

  1. I took some kava, and went to sleep last night, and had very real dreams... The dream I remember most vividly, I took a fat hit of crack cocaine, and I could actually feel the high, it was so real... I've done cocaine many times before, and this rush was like cocaine x10 all at once... It was soooo real...

    Does this mean I'm possibly mentall addicted to cocaine? I havent done it in a long time, but I think about it every few days or so.. Is this the first sign? I hate coke in all honesty.

    Also this definitely isn't my first dream about doing some form of cocaine
  2. Rock smokers...
  3. Well, what are you thinking about the cocaine? Are you thinking how much you want it, How good it feels? Or is it more negative; I can't stand the coke, or how terrible the comedowns are, I can't stand how greasy I feel on coke?

    But you also say you hate coke, so it sounds like it is just slipping into your consiousness by accident. If your thoughts are about how much you like it, then you may have a mental addiction starting.
  4. Dream coke

    No comedowns :cool:

    Thats fuckin sick gimme some of what your havin
  5. Idk I got really into coke a few years ago. Never had a dream about it that I can remember though so I guess that doesn't necessarily mean your mentally addicted to it. Like I had a mental addiction, and when I stopped had physical withdrawals like the shakes for the first few days - and can't remember dreams about it. But I guess everyone's different though- so who knows

  6. dude, its a dream. do not take it seriously.
    once in a dream i died. and then my spirit went to what i guess was heaven.
    and it was basically a mall. and i was a ghost, very similar to casper.
    just floating around with other ghosts/spirits
    i was dead, so thought why not lets do some blow.
    so i bought cocaine and snorted it. keep in mind i have never done coke.
    so in the dream i didnt feel it. because i have never done it in real life, my subconscious had no idea what the feeling was.
    so i got all confused. and then pissed i spent money i didnt get high.

    yea basically, dreams should ALWAYS be taken lightly.
    hoped my little anecdote helped. :p.
  7. I'm never was a fan of coke, but I liked it every once in awhile when my emotions could handle the comedown, I'd say all the times I've come down hard have made me a stronger person..

    I just had always heard that dreams are thoughts that you think of in your subconscious, so I was just a little worried and I wanted to hear about anyone else having coke dreams like this..

    I just want it it be clear I HATE cocaine in the end
  8. Before I ever did shrooms (although I was planning to already) I tripped on boomers in a dream. I got high and had hallucinations inside my dream, but it lacked the most important part of a psychedelic... the mindfunk.

    You shouldn't take your dreams seriously, man. Just keep on doin what you're doin and soon you'll forget all about the dream and nothing will happen.
  9. crack is whack
  10. when i saw this i had to reply...i actually had a very similar dream last night and i was wondering if other ppl had similar types of dreams

    it was very random but basically the gist of it was that i was in class, someone poured some coke on my desk, we both started snorting the pile lol....and i actually felt a sudden very very euphoric rush and i was really enjoying it in my dream and all of a sudden i woke up and my back was all sweaty and i felt a diminished sense of that rush lingering for a few seconds

    the funny thing is ive never done coke before so it was very very random and leads me to believe that dreams should be taken lightly as someone else said before me haha
  11. Thats sweet man, I wish I could have a dream about tripping.. I guess ill just brush this off as a random dream..

    You had the rush too? I've had this similar rush in only ONE other dream, and thats when I was in a space shuttle, and the thing was lifting off, it was intense, and I remember cus it was so intense that I woke up shaking.

    I wonder if a dream can cause your body to release adrenaline or something.. I might research this, because it's a very nice rush, and I actually look forward to going to sleep at night because of it.
  12. I've had multiple dreams where I was shot in the stomach and woke up right after I was shot and felt it in my stomach... It was like a burning sensation where the bullet hole was which is fucking creepy since that's what it can feel like for sure... and that sensation was in NO way subtle, it was VERY intense... I felt like the guy in this commercial:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxhwd5LbWts"]YouTube - GameFly Commercial[/ame]

  13. yeah my rush was very intense and felt really nice in my dream and even when i woke up immediately after for some reason i could still feel some of it

    i also thought it could have been adrenaline since i woke up and i was really sweaty so im guessing thats what it was....i am in no way qualified to assume that though so im becoming really curious about it haha :smoking:
  14. I break 100 ankles in my dreams. Or I did last night anyway. :confused:
  15. you aint no fiend til you pick dat pipe back up
    just make a promise to yourself not to touch that shit again
  16. I couldnt find anything on google about adrenaline and dreams, so who knows what the explanation is.

    Video wont work, and that sounds pretty intense to be shot.

    Did you guys feel lucid at all? I kind of felt I had a choice to take the crack hit or not, and I took a fat one because I sort of knew I was dreaming, haha.
  17. Aww damn your ankles broken? Thats a shitty nightmare.

    I never smoked crack that the thing, only did frosties, which was basically a waste.. I'm not sure if Ill ever do coke again, it's one of those random things for me, I never buy it, because then I feel shitty about the money I couldve bought bud with.
  18. haha man i've had dreams where i bought drugs and didn't get high, pisses me the fuck off real bad

    but its even worse when i do get high in my dreams (since its always my DOC) cuz i wakeup fiending hard
  19. No I had like a line of people and some assistants and we broke 100 people's ankles I don't remember much except the end of the dream some guys tried to get revenge and break mine but I beat the shit out of them repeatedly. I became lucid and started rewinding the dream so to speak, I just kept doing the same thing it was pretty brutal lol.

    It is odd that you say you hate cocaine yet you dreamt about doing crack, but it isn't unheard of. I've dreamt about all kinds of shit I don't like and would never do in real life.

    I do believe dreams are manifestations of your subconsciousness, but only so much of it has meaning and they all can't be borne from thoughts inside your head. Or maybe they can, it is your brain after all. Gets more interesting the more I think about it.
  20. I felt like I was in control; it felt as though it was perfectly real, but every thought or action was all impulse and not premeditated.

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