I smoked 6 months ago, I still feel stoned and I don't like it

Discussion in 'General' started by diablo1010, May 8, 2008.

  1. Hi, I've had a problem after smoking some marijuana 6 months ago, so I decided to try and get help from other marijuana users.

    I first smoked marijuana when I was about 17 or 18 years old. It was just regular marijuana, and the first time I smoked it, it was heavy (as most first times are I guess). Well the next day and pretty much the following 2 weeks, it was really trippy, I would just "space out" while at school and time seemed to fly by. It was OK though because after about a month, the after effects seemed to decrease and eventually I got to a point where my stoned consciousness and the time after was OK.

    After that, I haven't smoked any for about a year. Six months ago though, I smoked some White Widow and this is the start of my problem. I smoked a small bit and it was OK, but the next day I smoked about 3 times a normal amount and ever since then, my consciousness is really wierd, even 6 months later. It's as if I'm still in a milder version of the actual high, constantly, as if it's now my permanent consciousness (I feel like I'm constantly tipsy, not quite drunk but not perfectly clear) and it's really scaring me because it gets in the way of my work. I really hope someone can help me, I don't know what to do, time doesn't seem to help because the effects haven't dissipated in 6 months so I don't see how it could help in another 6 months. I asked a doctor about it but she wasn't very helpful because she thinks it's something to do with my blood, but I know it's something to do with my brain (marijuana is a psychoactive drug when I smoked it it must have done something). I decided to ask a marijuana forum because people here would know a lot about weed and I hope someone can help me.
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  2. I doubt there is any substance that you can consume that will stay in your body for 6 months.. You've got a metabolism man.
    I am definitely not sure what the problem in your case is - may be placebo - but it definitely isn't from smoking some WW once 6 months ago.
  3. You're obviously not too messed up if you typed these paragrpahps legibally and thoroughly. It's most likely all in your head, tell yourself this and do some deep breathing or meditation to calm your mind. No drug effect can last 6 months, so obviously it's a problem with your psyche. But don't worry, calm yourself becuase the more you worry the worse it'll become
  4. totally agree. theres no way you are still tripping after six months. have you thought that maybe its a placebo effect?or you are constatly freaking out about it so thats why u think you are tripping?try to relax.if smoking weed changed a little bit the way you think that doesnt mean you cant control itor that you are constatly high even after 6 months.you think about it too much and freaking yourself out...
  5. Its all in your head get over it you wern't even high the next day after smoking weed its not possible maybe alittle burnt out its all in your head honestly you don't type like you're anywhere close to high...so..yeah in your head
  6. drug effects can last for six months, six years, a lifetime.

    lets not kid ourselves here, folks.

    that being said, marijuana really isnt one of those drugs as a general rule. theres a slight chace that you were allergic to it, perhaps, but again, that doestn happen too often (only real case i can think of would be bruce lee. i had a friend go into siezure after a bong hit once (when we were very young. i was a freshman in hs he was in the 8th grade. i think it was more the coughing and the smoke than the thc in the smoke that caused the sierzure, but it was the worst ive ever seen except for after serious head trama)

    usually, when you're talking about longterm effects of drugs, its not really a percieved long term "inebriation" but more like permanent damage, like say someone frying their brains with some concoction of mdma, coke and heroin over a two week bender.

    my guess, this is all in your head, or somehing more than a normal marinjuana reaction is going on here.

    please, guys, dont lie to people when they ask your advice.
  7. Um marijuana is a natural anti-siezure I have heard of people on phenobarbital who were able to get off it by just smoking pot to keep them from having siezures and eating edibles..

    He prolly just had a siezure it had nothing to do with smoking pot
  8. I suggest you take a trip back to a different doctor to see what's up. Or a psychologist.
  9. did you know the grower of that weed? could be if you bought it of someone you don't know, could have added something to it,,
  10. it's because you buy into the ONDCP propaganda campaign against cannabis, and because you touch yourself at night
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  11. yo i gotta get it from his dealer!!!!
  12. Maye we never come down from our high. Maybe our body and mind just adapt to the effects of the THC. Like we never come down, we just get used to the feeling.

    I really need to cut out the wake and bake sessions!
  13. I think the most likely answer is that you had some kind of underlying psychological condition before ever smoking weed. It wasn't anything that interfered with your daily life or that you even noticed, but now it's been brought to the forefront. As others have said, it's impossible for weed to stay in your system for 6 months. But it is possible that you have convinced your self subconsciously that you're still feeling the effects of it. Marijuana effects everyone slightly differently, especially if you have doubts, feel uneasy about it, or feel some kind of extreme guilt for smoking. In other words, the more paranoid you get about being high, the higher you feel. It's completely psychological, and I think this is sort of what happened to you. I'd recommend seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist at least one time just to get a professional opinion.
  14. OK, first of all I would really like to thank you people for responding about this, it is bothering me so any advice I can get will help a lot.

    I've heard this placebo affect thing and it could be that.

    I also know that I'm not high from any THC in my body, I'm pretty sure it's already gone (6 months).

    Also, I can say for certain that the weed I took didn't have anything added to it because I did not get it from a dealer (I "got" it myself, I don't want to say anything over the internet but I hope you know what I mean).

    I think that smoking that stuff changed my brain somehow so that the 3-5 hour trip now extended itself to my non stoned consciousness...
  15. ok if you "got it yourself" you ovbously have some good conections. so how much have you been smoking, and how often. even before the WW. i know that when i take my week break sometimes i still feel burnt out for about 2-3 days but after that i feel great. i think that even if "your trip" did somehow extend itself that marijuana is such a minor effect drug that you would be used to the change by now.
  16. The first time I smoked was when I was about 17 or 18. It was just regular weed and after that I smoked it maybe 20 times for a year period (so not a lot I guess). Then I didn't smoke anything for a year, then I smoked the White Widow. I felt normal after smoking the regular weed, but after I did the ww 6 months ago, I've felt this way.
  17. Id say your diet is poor, or as your doctor said you dont have enough iron in your blood. But if your too "Intelligent" to acknowledge a doctor with a degree and you believe that something who's affects only last for a maximum of 4 hours are lasting 6 months. Then sir I would have to say you should pull your head out of your ass and go get some fresh air. Its all mental, try doing something that scares the shit out of you or participate in a high adrenaline sport. That will clear your head pretty fast, at least it does for me.
  18. It's called hormonal activity.
    You're 18?
    Yeah, prime time.

  19. yup this is what i was gonna say, even though weed is this "magical miracle love drug", the truth is that if your prone to schizophrenia or other mental disorders, smoking weed can cause it to surface. i'm sure that sounds alot worse than 'your just still high" but its a very real possibility that shouldnt be ignored, maybe go to a psychologist/psychiatrist and tell him what happened and maybe he can diagnose it, because a regular doctor isnt gonna be to good with mental disorders
  20. I know you're scared that you're still high but maybe give this a try if you're willing.

    Smoke some more. It will allow you to feel what it's like to be high. After 6 months you probably can't even remember what it feels like. If you get high and know what it's like then you'll know that you haven't been high for 6 months.

    I would also recommend checking out another doctor or psychiatrist if you don't feel comfortable smoking again, or if that doesn't help you out.

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