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I smoked 5 days into my t break and I am wondering if this will mess it all up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 8BenG8, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. I have been a reg smoker for about 3 months and i was smoking bare hash so my tolerance got really high. so I started to take a tbreak but im on the 6th day and I took a few hits of a joint. Now my question is if i dont smoke for the rest of the t break (which will be about 5-6 days longer) will that the fact that i took a few hits of the j make the t break a lot less effective?
    Many thanks,
    Stay lifted!
  2. Depends a lot on your weight, height, BMI, yadda yadda but generally speaking, 10 days is not really a tolerance break unless your like one of these toothpick guys that never gain weight. Also, going to the gym, drinking lots of water and whatever other exercise you can cram in will help, not significantly, but it will help. Also adjusting your diet will help, but again, not astronomically.

    But yeah, a T-break for most people is 30 days. I myself am slightly over weight @ 5'11, meaning i would probably have to extend my T-break for more than 30 days to see the full benefit but i don't smoke often enough to take one anyways >.> if you are smoking straight hash all the time, you will probably be breaking again in the near future, but who knows, if you decrease your smoking frequency you maybe will get away with it?

    Anyways, thats just my opinion, derived from life experience and having to clean out my system to pass multiple drug tests throughout my past heavy usage.
  3. Well not proud of it but it just turns out I am one of those skinny tooth pick guys and weigh about 6"0 135
  4. :hookah::hookah::smoking-bong:Also the tbreAk would be more like 14 days (minus today that i smoked) lol im still abit stoned my math was slightly off
  5. I am only 6"1 135 (genetically skinny) and also my math was off aside from today i havent smoked for 6 days and then im not going to smoke for another 8 days and then im getting off for school so im going ham
  6. I'm 6'2 199 and I usually don't smoke for 3-5 days( I go to the gym 5 times a week) usually my tolerance goes down.

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  7. I do notice I sweat a ton when I stop smoking after a prolonged period of time

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  8. 3 months and you need a t break lol. I've been smoking weed daily for 19 years not one break. You youngens are so funny

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