I smoke until I'm....

Discussion in 'General' started by inkielee, May 9, 2011.

  1. __________.

    Enquiring minds want to know ;)
  2. out of weed
  3. robbing a bank while drinking a slurpee while driving a car while chilling at universal studios with some guy who looks like Bill Nye the science guy who just came from a golf match with his boss who works at NASA and they recently just discovered another planet with water so they manned a mission to it and on this new planet they found a new strain of bud and they named it "E.T. Bud" and I smoked some and became encased by a cloud of smoke. at this point, I knew I was forever locked in a state of highness

  4. Oh yeah

    I smoke until I'm............

  5. Coughing up a lung.
  6. I* can't breathe anymore.

    * = changed I'm to I.
  7. Nice and fucking stoned. :bongin:
  8. Out of this world.
  9. I will smoke till i m alive
    i m nothing without tobacco
  10. I smoke until I forget to smoke any more.
  11. I smoke until smoking anymore seems to complicated
  12. until I forget which plane of reality I'm on.
  13. Until I overdose. owait...
  14. looking at common household shit and thinking "what the fuck is that?"
  15. The only real limits are the size of your bag and time.
  16. until I forget where I put my bong after the last rip.
  17. Until packing a bowl seems too complicated.

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