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  1. So i was watching Behind the Music on VH1 on Sunday night. Sublime was on. God! That was one of the most heartwrenching things I've seen in a while. They interviewed the guys in the band, his wife, and his parents. They also showed a lot of pictures of Bradley and his baby son Jacob (who is now 5). I actually had a frind in high school who was from California and her brother knew the band. He said that they partied harder than anyone he knew. It was the partying and drugs that eventually took Bradleys life....heroin overdose. I guess he went the way of many like him before...Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc. It's so sad!

    In remembrance:
    Bradley Nowell Feb. 22, 1968- May 25, 1996
    James Douglas Morrison Dec. 8, 1943- July 3, 1971
    Johnny Allen Henrix Nov. 27, 1942- Sept. 18, 1970
    Janis Joplin Jna. 19, 1943- Oct. 4, 1970

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  2. all this people died in my life time! shhhhhhhh!
  3. Sorry....most of them died before I was born but I listen to and love them all!
  4. Oh I cried and cried when I watched that as if he were my brother!! I saw it Sunday morning and watched it again Sunday night.. If you haven't seen the Sublime DVD it is truly for all Sublime fans.. I loved that band, and Bradley's death cut them short.. all he wanted in life was to make an influence with his music, and he died before he could see how much he impacted others with his words, his ability to express pure emotion with the medium of his voice and guitar...

    Janis did too, she tried so hard to please others in her life, she kinda forgot to take care of herself in the meantime, and died before her time too... She was really hard on herself at times, and her death brings me to tears at times too.. All these people did so much to shape my life, simply through their MUSIC, and all I can say is that they live on in their music, they speak to me and countless others through their songs...

    There are few artists whose emotions I could actually FEEL when listening to their music, Bradley and Janis do this to me EVERY TIME... Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis, Brad, they died young, abruptly, they didn't expect it necessarily... But their music will go on forever!!

    "I know I'm a huge cheeseball, but it's not a crime"

    p.s. some people may not agree that Sublime/Bradley are not one of the "greats," but in my heart they are to me!! I am glad to see that someone else was touched by the Behind the Music on them, I almost expected VH1 to exploit the drug aspect and not report the true story, but they don't do that often!!
  5. that was a cool dog man
  6. you do know lennon was a red nick country boy when he was a kid dont you?
  7. strawbarry feilds for every frist pic is john at age 9 as red nick as they get!lol good luck tazz11
  8. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I too believe that Sublime/Bradley were and still are right up there with the great musicians of our time. Every since I watched that Behind the Music I'v been listening to my Sublime acoustic CD every day. When I hear the version of "Pool Shark" on it it brings me close to tears. But as you said he as well as many others live on in their music!

    Peace, love, and ganja!
  9. sublime= one of the greatest bands of all time
  10. Sublime is my favorite band ever!!! I am seeing them live (with rome the new lead singer) with Matisyahu and the Dirty Heads. Its gunna be the best show ever

  11. So....he conceived the kid almost a decade after he died? :confused::confused::confused:
  12. haha.. threads 9 years old.
  13. God fucking damnit. What's with all these zombie thread revivals all of a sudden? Did people run out of current topics to talk about? :rolleyes:
  14. Haha, not sure. But get this, the last person to post in this topic before InnerPeace's epic bump hasn't posted on GC since 2002.
  15. Looks like innerpeace bumped some threads and got banned..

  16. Well that 'splains it.

    On topic, has anyone heard the remaining Sublime members with this guy Rome? I haven't really heard anything all that impressive, haven't heard any kind of song writing, but at least he can kinda sound like Brad. Then again, so can I :confused:
  17. i doubt it haha :wave:. RIP bradley nowell. seriously without the music of sublime i would not be the same person i am today.

    edit; whats the point in getting banned for bumping old threads.? maybe its just me but who the hell cares what year it was made, half the people that post here dont even look at the damn date anyway
  18. I dont think anyone can sound like brad.. that man had soul!
  19. All some of my favorite artists 
  20. Wow....
    Old thread from the dead :metal:

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