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i smoke too much.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by the hellion, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. plain and simple. even though im low on money i scrounge up some dollars, go hungry for a week to i didnt used to be this way, only when i started college away from home(one year ago)..

    i wanna know how the people with higher tolerances go on a T-Break and manage. i mean, i can go maybe a day without smoking but all i think about is just lighting that next blunt...i know its a mental addiction yada yada, but i cant help the fact that its teh best =b
  2. Im the same way, although I never find myself short of cash the times I do i sacrafice food for weed but only because i dont get hungry until after i smoke
  3. i smoke too much to
  4. Either get active during T-breaks or get some Spice Diamond to last you a few weeks.
  5. Same. I relate everything to how much weed I could buy instead then spend all my money on g's or 8ths.
  6. if you're a member on a marijuana forum chances are you probably smoke too much
  7. I went a week without it and I was fine, didn't think about it at all until I was sitting on the train coming home.
    Just have someone smoke you up. Whenever me or my friends have nug we make sure to smoke each other up. I never have to spend more than $10-20/week myself.
  8. true dat
  9. i get high to much =]
  10. Man up?

    I can't smoke for 3 months because I'm cycling muscle building supplements and need to stay clean of all toxins.
  11. Cigarettes helped a lot the first two weeks. Pills afterwards.

  12. Screw that man... I'd smoke any amount of weed to stay away from that.
  13. im in your same boat. i couldnt even go a day.

    start drinking, cigs, spice gold or w/e other spice works or anything to "fill" your time. which doesnt work for me caus ei smoked while i did everything
  14. uh fuck substituting a safe drug for harmful ones.:rolleyes:

    youre gonna hate me for saying it, but man up.

    its a fucking plant.:smoke::smoke:

    ..a lovely lovely plant. hahaha
  15. Check it out man. There is no such thing as smoking too much! There is such a thing, however, as making smoking more important than what really should be important to you. When you start smoking for no reason, I feel that you have lost your connection with weed. You must seek enlightenment, the same enlightenment you found when you first started smoking weed. For example, for me it was the fact that everytime I smoked it allowed me to be creative musically and poetically.

    One day I smoked a blunt, and I lost that connection! I was no longer creative. For you see, music and self expression is truly what is important to me. When I felt like I needed weed to accomplish creativity, it stopped working. So maybe the fun and joy that smoking used to bring you is not there simply because you've made it the most important thing in your life. Try adding some new aspects to your life. That's what I did. I started doing new activities, and alas! Smoking became fun for me again. I made my life more than weed, but I never stopped smoking.

    And your right, there's nothing like a blunt in the morning, or a blunt after breakfast, a blunt before lunch, the mid-day blunt, the pre-snack blunt, the snack blunt, the afternoon blunt, etc... but try replacing some of your blunts with other activities... like sexual activity, or whatever you find thrilling. That way, when you do smoke it is way more enjoyable. Besides, there's nothing like the after-sex blunt ;)
  16. I don't know if you drink or not but the first time I ever got drunk I didnt feel like smoking weed for a month or drinking. Wise words above me.
  17. man i smoke way too much, but i'm so happy i'm faded right now. it's a trade off
  18. there is no such thing as smoking too much. i laughed when i read that.

    seriously i lol'ed.

  19. yeah do that :rolleyes:

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