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I smoke too!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Benny420, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I've got a problem- a marijuana problem. I smoke all day and night and never get my homework done. I simply can't go a day without. Consequently, my tolerance is so high, I need about a gram to get baked so it is hurting my wallet. Anyone have any suggestions about how to moderate my usage and how long of a break from smoking I might need to get my tolerance back down?
  2. Uh dude just take it easy for a while. Maybe slow yourself down to weekends. Or just one session a day. Or maybe you could recognize that if you're going to live the majority of your life high, you have to develop a more productive high state of mind so that you can get your homework done and not fuck up your life at all.

  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. But it is hard limiting myself. If I have weed i WILL smoke it until it's gone. I trying not to own any weed or hang out with my friends who smoke....maybee this will do the trick
  4. self control?
  5. I wish it only took me a gram to get baked.
  6. Don't smoke any one out. when you do toke up limit yourself to a couple of hits. If you don't feel anything take 2 10 minutes later. Don't think you have to blaze a bowl all at once. let it last you a whole day.

    Your story is sad. I wonder if it's all the powerful strains we smoke these days that have this effect on you. what do you think?

  7. i've got some shit that will get you baked with less than a gram.
  8. Dude seriously... You need some self-control thats it. Just use your will power you don't have a problem with weed you have a mental addiction.
  9. You should take a 2 week t-break if you want to get your tolerance back to a low level. Might be difficult, but you're going to have to get rid of all of your weed and stop hanging out with people who are smoking.
  10. Maybe, or that could just make it worse.. I find keeping weed from myself use to only make it worse, because I use to get worried even when I finally did want a hoot I wouldnt have any. But I found now that I've had bud, no problem, when ever I want it, with out paying for it for the past six months now I feel I can cut back whenever because I have so much of it, I know I'm benefiting in the long run by having more for the next day. :) I'd strongly recommend taking a tolerance break.
  11. Yes. Stop smoking for awhile. If you can't then you should seriously consider getting real help, not from an Internet forum. If you have a substance abuse problem there are programs and services to help you.
  12. I agree. If you can't stop for at least 5 days, you should definitely get help.
  13. first of all BULLSHIT that a gram doesnt get you guys high.....either u guys are smoking smoke grade-A shwagg, or your dealers giving u some oregano....a gram would get me high 2-3 times depending....anyways, what one of my friends did is that he didnt smoke until the sun went down.....but you cant just go all out and smoke an eigth once its night....smoke the amount you usually would, in the amount of time that you usually would....if you start off the first few weeks smoking at nights during the week, and on weekends u smoke as much as you want, then slowly start doing this everyday im sure your tolerance will gradually go down....and if a gram of your weed doesnt get u high, and a gram of everace's weed doesnt either, lemme know and ill get you some OG that will make you feel like a first timer.:laughing:
  14. I have to agree with Str1ckly Kush, that would have to be some crappy smoke if it takes that much...:smoke:
  15. you have got to be kidding me...there is no such thing as too much!!!!!!!!!
    and if i ever had one of my boys get "help" for fuckin weed i no plenty of fiends (sadly enough i do) that would laugh in his face....

    haha that reminds me of bob saget in half baked haha
  16. This is an ignorant viewpoint. Marijuana, like anything, has the possibility for severe psychological dependence and addiction; just because you won't get withdrawals or have physical dependence doesn't mean it can't be addictive and a problem.

    If you really can't stop yourself from smoking or even cutting back (and if it's affecting your school and/or family life) then you should consider seeking professional help. There are programs out there that will get you back to where you are in control of your life again. You won't regret it.
  17. Just dont do crack.

    Stay smoking.(Its all mental)
  18. [​IMG]

  19. I smoke two zips a month between me and my girlfriend but we are pretty high-functioning stoners... However I am a photographer so a little smoke never hurts the creative process.:smoke:

    How old are you? If you cut back and don't toke even for one day you will see a difference in your tolerance.

    Lately I have been cutting back a little, I only smoke at night... now I notice I get higher.

    Don't start your day with a bowl otherwise you wont get that high all day.

    You really shouldn't be that addicted, it's just pot.:smoke:
  20. haha welcome to the club. i have the same problem, well i finally stared to do my hw. take a 1 month break for best results. but honestly i took a 1 month break and i got my tolerance back to where it was at smoking a dub a day after about 3 weeks haha

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