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I smoke out of my 2nd floor window, do think the people outside on the first floor will smell it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SADBOY1997, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. If I blow my bong tokes out the Window (probably like 7ish bowls of dank) from the 2nd floor, will people outside on the ground underneath smell it? Give me what you think under different wind situations. Thankz
  2. Yes they will smell it. There is an apartment building I pass on the way to the dog park every night. There is always someone smoking on the second and third floor. It's always very prominent. I can smell when my buddy smokes seven houses down from me and vise versa. It's not unusual to get a txt from him saying "Sure smells good".  So that smell definitely travels.
  3. Absolutely they will, I walked up to a jobsite one day and im like "someones definitely smoking some weed" about 10mins later a buddy of mine apears from the woods toking on his break obviously high as fuck and he was astonished by how far I smelled him.

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  4. Thanks, some people told me no cause "smoke rises" but I figured that if people can smell you toking down the street, the smell must be able to go 12' down.
  5. What will the people walking by do about it anyway? Just keep walking
  6. It depends on the wind. I've had someone smoking a couple feet away from me and not been able to smell it and I've also had someone smoking a couple hundred feet away and could smell it.
  7. Ok here's the thing I use to live on the third floor of an apartment building and smoked heavily on my balcony. Although people will be able to smell it there is almost no way to tell where it's coming from.

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  8. Yes. I live on a college campus. Everyday I walk by a dorm that rich kids tend to live in and everyday I smell weed. Even from the third floor you can still slightly smell it.
  9. I'm smoking it in my bathroom, I'll doubt it
  10. I think it really depends on how you go about smoking your weed. For instance, if you had a sploof handy, then you're really not going to have an issue cause the only smell thats going to be prominent is the fresh scent of newly dried laundry. 
    I cannot tell you the countless times I've smoked in the bathroom at my parent's house, or the times I've smoked in my old dorm room last year and have gotten away without having any suspicions of me smoking weed all because of using a sploof. 
  11. I've done the same thing and nothing happened. But then again I lived in a fraternity house. 
  12. Keep it pushing like that wind. Go hard, get low.
    All day I dream in dank. 😯

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