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I smoke.. In the shower

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kushbluntz, May 3, 2011.

  1. So I pack a bowl turn the shower on the the exhaust fan ( the one that sucks up bad smells) an the steam an smoke go away right quick I love it you blades should try it some time
  2. I love toking in the shower. So relaxing :)
  3. Yeah man, Jamaican showers are the shit. I used to do that at my parent's house. I'm sure I'll do it again too.
  4. Thank god I'm home sick today!
    (sprinting to the shower)
  5. fuck i gotta try that
  6. Bakin jamaican is what we refer to them as here, and if you just woke up, its a wakin jamaican hahah
  7. doesn't the weed get wet?, wouldn't it increase the risk of dropping your smoking device? It may be relaxing but why not just fill the bath tub up with really hot water and just sit in it with your hands out so you don't get anything wet..
  8. We've got a window in our shower and I'm the only one who uses this bathroom. If I got bud I'll smoke everytime I shower. Love it.
  9. I'd enjoy trying this some day.
  10. id do it in a bath but in the shower it would be kinda impossible...
  11. Do you live with your parents.
  12. Might depend on the shower setup. I have a window with a decent ledge on it that is out of the way of the water. I can easily leave my bowl/bud/lighter up there and not have any problems with them getting wet.
  13. I've never done it at my house as I can just smoke wherever but I have in vegas when I was staying in a non-smoking room, my room had a shower/tub and it had a window that opened up so I just smoked in the shower and watched all the lights with fresh 40th story air and stuff it was nice.
  14. I love it!
    soo relaxing.
    and don't forget to put on some music ;)
  15. i use to do this almost nightly but i cant bring my vape in there lol.. suppose i could bring the tube in thru the curtains but seems like more work then worth the reward. i mean i could see a vape and a hot tube !!
  16. this is my primary source of smoking.
    I've always smoked, blown it all out the window.
    then stepped into the shower once the bowl was cashed.
    the hot water on the freshly baked is just sheer amazing.
    add some music *drool*
  17. I dunno why all you guys blow the shit out the window, hot box + steam box + shower = epic

    also, i think some people an misinterpreting "in the shower". I think what is meant is that people turn on the shower, and while the room steams up n shit, you smoke a bowl, then shower.... Not that you smoke IN the shower haha, some people do, I'm sure, but thats a tricky feat not all of us can handle hahahah
  18. Just tried it, but I got cut short because my lighter quit it was so steamy :eek: maybe next time. :]

  19. i never really thought about it.
    i always did it to hide the smell,
    but the steam does it anyway.
    i guess ill hotbox next time.
  20. i smoke in the shower and turn it up and stand half way in water or not in at all and smoke then turn it down so its not melting hot and shower baked.

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