I smoke a unhealthy amount of marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by SuperSilverHaze, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Its been 3 great years of smoking.
    I started out on blunts, and up to about 2 months ago i completely stopped smoking them. Im certain, because of the amounts used in blunts has left me with a high high tolerance to marijuana. I need around .5 to be content, and I can smoke mutable times a day. so anywhere between 1-2 grams are being combusted and inhaled into my lungs everyday.
    Do i smoke to much? Blades, let me know how much you smoke, I finally feel like a pothead... in a bad way :(

    i dont own any pieces, maybe thats why i use so much. I just love rolling j's.:smoke:
  2. lol no.... i personally dont think its too much, i usually dont smoke more than a gram a day, but i have on many occasions smoked many many more than just a gram lol....

    I still know people who smoke 8ths a day, like its going out of style or something....

    So i say, no you do not, with the stipulation, that smoking anything is unhealthy, but the amount you smoke isnt a drastic inhibitor to your life it would seem lol
  3. id say yea if your not smoking dank smoke less of that and get higher or smoke hashish and get super high off just a hit or two
  4. ahhh okay phew lol :p but an 8th a day? sweet jesus thats dropping $45-$55 daily at best. well, If i could afford it i would smoke that amount also.
  5. Only thing unhealthy is your bank balance my friend...
  6. Don't worry man i was at a point where i'd smoke at least a half 8th a day with one of my buddies and like at least 15-20 cigs on top of that. You will very much live lol
  7. theres no "less than" .5 option :p

    Im usually a .5 a day, used to be a gram a day but ive been trying to cut back...
    Its doesnt matter how much you smoke in my mind, its how much of the day you stay sober which determines how much youre abusing it (and thus how healthy it is).

    In my opinion (and remember this is just my experience), it becomes "unhealthy" when the first thing you do when you roll out of bed is toke up. its okay to do it once in a while (like im about to :D) but if you do it everyday then i think its not great for you mind or body. Like i said though this is just my opinion... i need to spend some time sober to get the things i need to do, done.
  8. I prob smoke 1.5 a day, and to be honest if i don't have my daily hit of weed, which is rare, I'm not in a such a good mood. :eek: :smoke:
  9. however, my lungs crack a lot now when i inhale.
    If anyone wants to be discouraged about smoking blunts, I should have taking some pictures a couple weeks ago. Because i stopped, Everything came out, Every morning i would hack up clear/yellow slime with shreds of green/black strips of tar throughout it. Blunts are god awful and i cant believe they were my go-to method of smoking

  10. Here in boulder, we can get 8ths for 15 bucks lol

    the dispensaries are creating a price drop, the one i go to, the most it costs for a gram, 6 bucks
  11. I dont want to HEAR THAT DOOOOODE! hahahah Welcome to the East coast, Try finding a ounce under $300:eek:
  12. jesus, if i had these prices i would need to cut down my usage :rolleyes:

    Im just too iffy about moving to the states, although Colorado would be my first with cali being second choice. Still gotta finish school though so i have time to make up my mind...
  13. I used to smoke exclusively blunts for a solid year....my lungs felt pretty shit after that. Now I only smoke a blunt maybe once a month and my lungs feel way more refreshed.

    I smoke anywhere from .5-1g throughout the day. Some days i'll only take a toke right before bed and sometimes i'll smoke all day. Just depends on my mood.

    @sirsog 6 bucks a gram? Is that for top shelf?

    I thought I was lucky getting good shit for 8 a gram haha but 6? I envy you sir.
  14. No such thing. :rolleyes:
  15. 6 is their top price, its all top shelf.... ive never been into a dispensary here, that had less than the best lol

    the thing is, they dont waste time on a perfect cure, the buds are dry, but they dont cure it all out to make it smell as wonderful, but the taste and the high it delivers are the exact same as the places selling their weed for 15 a gram. The trim jobs are a bit slacking too, but i just trim off the extra and throw it in a jar to make it into oil later, no biggie for me

    I honestly dont pay for the smell of my nuggets.... i pay for the high, if i get the same high for 6 bucks, i get at 15, why the hell would i pay 15 hahahahahhaha
  16. When I do have some bud I'll smoke about .5 to a gram. Depending on the amount i get.

    I'd say 1-2 grams isn't a bad amount. A piece would definitely help with the amount used though. Invest in a small piece and see if your consumption goes down.

    Not saying it should go down for a known fact, but it wouldn't hurt to get one either.

  17. In London a gram is $4

  18. If your lucky hahahah, my friend whose spends a grip of time over there with family can only find it for 20 fucking dollars, what the FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!

    Guess its a big ass place though.... so price variance makes a lot of sense

  19. For sure dude.

    I'm in WA and most of the time they don't even properly dry the buds....pisses me off. Most of the better bud I guy at collectives up here was grown in Cali anyways lol...there are some good local growers up here but they are slacking

  20. Yea, when i get the bud, it generally has that generic bud smell then undertones of the strain smell that it is... So i just throw it in a jar, and open the jar for about an hour once a day (outside of opening it to load bowls lol) and re-cure it pretty much, after 2-3 days, it stanks of the strain it should stink of hahahahah

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