I smell weed everywhere when I have none

Discussion in 'General' started by Justen, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I'm sitting here at my pc, just cleaned my room and moved everything up here a few days ago, however I smell dank buds when I lean over my desk, but I can't find any roaches or anything. This only seems to happen when I am out of smoke! Is something wrong with me? Is my mind deceiving me or do I probably smell some weed?
  2. i have a whacked theoy about that. its bc of smell receptors mixed with memorys. pretty ucked up huh?

  3. It's really fucked up. I only smell weed strongly like this whenever I want to toke up haha. It's like my brains way of tricking me. I'm just glad weed isn't addictive, or it would really mess with me.
  4. i have that some problem only it happens when im run dry , yeah i know what ya mean
  5. Just wishful thinking bro, wishful thinking. Also whenver i'm dry I always smell bud everywhere too. You're signature is awesome btw.
  6. smell your arm pits.....whenever i dont wear detronent and have smoked within the last couple of days it smells like pot idk why maybe it has something to do with the thc storing in fat cells and when u sweat it release them i dont know....

    anybody else notice this?
  7. you say you smell it when you lean over your desk if GC is on while you smell this then mystery solved its simply the aroma of GC
  8. Lol thats just the garlicy dead skunkish smell of uncleaned armpits... O.O

  9. Lol, and to think I thought it was the crumbs of weed I probably dropped in my keyboard!! GC smells amazing :D
  10. Lol no....
  11. Maybe its my weed you're smelling through your modem. :smoking:
  12. check around your desk for resin haha.

    do you ever smoke blunts/joints there?

    when you wipe the resin off your lip have you ever touched your desk on accident?

    i realized that like 6 months ago when every time like 2 days after this one dude smoked a blunt at my house i could smell weed on my couch strong as fuck. it turns out he was wiping the fucking resin on my couch. so yeah, that's a possibility.
  13. if youve been working out.
    the thc in your fat glands is released.
    you can sometimes even taste bud in your mouth and deff smell it.

    but could be someone else in your house if you dont live alone

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