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  1. so literally an hour ago (its 1:33 am in NY) i go to my local a plus (only gas station open after 12) and i go in and grab some candy, snickers, hersheys white chocolate, and starburst... i get to the counter with my shit and i ask for a vanilla dutch.... as soon as i asked him for it i had just this really bad feeling, the kind u get when the hair on ur neck stands up..... i look outside and what do i see a fucking pig walking in... quickly i put away my id and told the guy yo i dont want the dutch dont say anything about it right before this fucker comes in..... i get my candy and this cop is just chilling right at the door looking at some bullshit..... i walk back to my girlfriends car and she's flipping out shes like omg omg wtf we're fucked (we had bud in the car, not the smartest idea) and im like no chill we're fine i didnt buy the dutch he didnt see shit we drive around for 5 minutes we go back to get one and there is a fucking sheriff... like how many fucking pigs need to be refilling on donuts at 12:30 at night... drive around again for 5 minutes finally he leaves get the dutch and smoke a nicely twisted L..... shit had me shaking and my friends in the car were all like "yo that was some spidey sense shit he rolled up madd quick"

    oh well im baked lol just thought id share
  2. its not against the law to buy a dutch dude.

    Wayy too paranoid.
  3. haha nice 6-th sense though. I've noticed a lot of stoners get this extra sense when coppers are about to come driving around the corner.

    One time, my girlfriend and I were smoking in her truck and I put the pipe down in my lap for a second as I held in my hit. IDK why I did it. Next thing we know, a cop goes speeding by us (we were parked in an alley). It was the most scared I've ever been. We just watched him roll down the alley until he turned before we said anything. Our eyes were so wide. Damn it was freaky. Finished it real quick and left some for our friend who was coming out after us.
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    around here if a cop sees you buying a dutch at a gas station 9/10 u are going to be getting pulled over... my friend completely vacuumed his car one day and we were heading over to my boys house and we were driving past mobil and we saw 2 cop cars..... so my friend is like yo lets see what happens if i buy a dutch in front of them.... he bought 2 dutches we drove down the road a little bit turned right instantly got pulled over(by an undercover cop in the gas station), and the pigs asked us why we were purchasing dutches, they know what we use them for blah blah blah it smells like pot they search the car and freaked the fuck out when they couldnt find anything in the car ahaha

    and i had bud so yeah maybe im paranoid maybe i dont want another UPM haha

  5. ahha good shit dude but how fucking scary is that feeling
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    I think it looks worse buying all the candy and munchies than the dutch.

    A cop saw my friend buying munchies (only) and pulled him over down the road afterwards.

    Edit: Good job for watching out though, I'd rather be paranoid around a cop than careless.

  7. true... but its like twice as bad if im buying a dutch AND candy hahaha idk i was just paranoid about it cause the majority of my friends that get busted are from buying dutches at gas stations and cops seeing them walk out with it and ive already been arrested with 9 g's so i thought rather be safe then sorry

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