I slept with a mature woman

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  1. I was at a club drunk as hell and some older woman who was roughly in her forties was dancing with a group of her young friends. Me and my friend danced with some of the younger girls and then the older woman got involved and you could just tell by how she danced she was horny as hell haha. Long story short she told me she had a J on her and I offered to go outside, smoke it and have sex, she agreed.

    We ended up doing it on a bit of grass on a main road behind a tree, which was just a little too dark to see. I used protection but the best bit was I smoke a J whilst I did it :smoke:

    However I don't know if I should of done it, she was a bit too old and to be honest she thought I was twenty-four when I'm eighteen. She also told me she had a kid when she was very young who was eighteen (that's messed up). Opinions? I have a feeling I'm going to be gunned down for this!
  2. wop the old cutty chop
  3. I don't really see the problem here. You got your dick wet and you're most likely never going to see her again. Sounds like a win-win to me.

    On another note, is it true that mature women are better lays?
  4. dawg you bagged a woman in her 40's. don't worry be happy now.

  5. To be honest I was drunk off my face, but I did notice I finished off earlier then I have with any other girl. That is saying something...
  6. Get drunk, get high, fuck a chick, never see her again. I see no problem
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    You deserve a bro-first


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  8. Your at the top of your game now, Shes at her peak sexually......She was probably cummin all over the place !!!
  9. I had sex with a woman in her 40's last winter. :cool:

    It was AWESOME!

    She was hot too...
  10. She was probably cold, and wanted your body heat
  11. She has a daughter that's 18

    You know whatcha gotta' do, broseph.
  12. Just think of it as your first of many milf's under the belt.;)

    I still yet to have my first milf, can not wait, im going to tear it up:devious:.
  13. yeah thats like top of the line right there.. u gotta wish for it.
  14. Respect for whoever is hitting that.
  15. fucking disgusting

    it should be a crime for someone her age to sport a thong!
  16. She needs that thong to keep her Uterus from falling out
  17. Was she hot?

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