I Shouldn't Have To Say This

Discussion in 'General' started by TreWright, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Some are for kids, some are for co-workers... guess which is which!

    • Don't roundhouse kick your sister in the head.
    • Don't hug the television.
    • We don't use powerdrills in the bathroom.
    • Bacon is not a drink.
    • I need a working monitor to send stuff to the printer.
    • I can't come in to the office. I'm not in your time zone.
    • I can't get you a coffee. I don't work here. (at a coffee shop)

    I've got a million of these, and can I remember them when I start this thread? Nooooooo......

    What are things you just shouldn't have to say... but did.
  2. I dont want to wear a condom, it doesnt feel as good
  3. cows are not vegetables
  4. ducks do not lactate.
  5. Nice replies :laughing:

  6. the party boy has arrived. :(
  7. "That way" is not a direction, especially when I'm driving and trying to watch the road, not your hands.

    Also, "here" is not a location to turn.
    "STREET_NAME" IS a location.
    "The next stop sign" IS a location.
    "Where that grey car is" IS a location to turn.

    "here" does not mean anything. I'm going 30 MPH, "here" is fucking 20 feet behind me by the time I even hear it.

    Also, I cannot see which car you're pointing at. Your finger is NOT a laser pointer, all I see is a number of cars and your hand pointing kinda towards any of them.
  8. "Spaghetti is not the only type of pasta."

    "No, all things considered, I do think school shootings are bad."

  9. I disagree with this.

  10. the two i can think of are:

    'don't throw my fucking laptop' and 'can i please have my weed back, officer?'

  11. Lol this one is good :D
  12. Hey, Grandpa, you had a couple beers earlier... are you okay to drive?
  13. Don't put foil in the microwave.
    Don't take a hot pocket out of the microwave and pop it straight into your mouth.
  14. i remember a couple more.

    'but i thought last night was just a one night stand'

    'no, i honestly don't want to be in a relationship with you'

    i know this is surprising to most, but the second quote came within a minute or so of the first.

    'i was being sarcastic' or 'it was a joke'

    i don't know how many times i've said those, but i'm sure that number has at least 4, quite likely 5 digits.
  15. As soon as i read that i had the same reaction!
  16. 'yes baby, i came early again'
  17. "i love you"
  18. "do NOT touch the trim!"
  19. Bakon Vodka :: Home

    You sure about that?
  20. me to, bacon in solid form rather :)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoiloVis0_U]YouTube - Inna drinking a shot of bacon grease[/ame]

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