i shouldnt be alive cause....

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    anyone here shouldnt be alive cause they missed death by inches and/or got lucky. well mine wasnt recently, matter fact it was when i was 2. i was sleeping in my car seat thing that was on my table because we were just about to leave the house. for some reason i was buclked in and i rolled in my seat and feel out. falling off the table and landing straight on my head. i got knocked unconscious and my eyes rolled back. ended up getting a fractured skull and a concussion. my head was completely smashed because when your litle your head is still soft and isnt completely connectedd or somthin. my head littlerly looked like gumby. they said i was luckt to be alive

    i guess my family inst to lucky, cause also my cousin almost died. cause he got in a motorcylce accident and was in a coma for months and they said he wasnt coming out of it. they had a preist come in and say hes last rites or somthing like that. but then he woke up, thank god. years later, same guy, he had kids and found his 3 year old daughter at the bottom of their pool. thankfully they did cpr and she came back to life

    so ya, any of you guys got anything to share
  2. I have been pretty damn reckless in the past but i managed to get away with only minor injuries.
  3. I have been run over by a vehicle , both drivers side tires over my back . Long long long story . was very lucky . no damage at all . soft ground helped alot .
  4. to the op you have had a bunch of close calls in your fam
  5. My grandmother died after being attacked by an alsatian, but then she somehow came back (Luckily, or I wouldn't exist).

    I nearly got my face impaled by this sharpened log on a pulley which some dick kids were playing around with. Stitches on my ear is nothing compared to the fact that I nearly died.
  6. I've done a lot of stupid shit... And never been killed of arrested... I feel lucky
  7. I had cancer when I was a baby and they said at that point it was nearly unsurvivable. I guess I got pretty close there.
  8. I almost died when I was very little from dehydration. Thanks mom and dad
  9. My brother shot me in the neck with an arrow, luckily with my quick thinking I biked 23 kms to the nearest hospital
  10. Haha, I tied a water trampoline to my leg so I could pull it out as I swam on this lake. I got out to the middle of the lake and the trampoline ends up flipping over on top of me. Drowning is a huge fear of mine so that was about 10 seconds of sheer terror. I finally got the rope off my foot and swam up to hear everyone on the shore laughing at me :eek: great day.
  11. Cancer and chemo twice, a pregnancy that ended in a 7 month stillborn, with my kidneys shutting down and I almost stroked out from high blood pressure, broke my neck and back in 3 places skiing, died twice on the operating table from adverse reaction to the meds they were giving me 2 different operations, almost stroked out again summer before last when I was in pre-op, slid a car backwards down a 90 meter steep embankment one winter when a semi slid over the median at me. I think that sums it up [at least so far]
  12. I was supposed to be aborted..
    Not really sure why my parents changed their mind.
    Regardless, I am thankful and forever in their debt.
  13. got set up in a house by a cockroach trying to save his own skin.
    the guy came into the house when i was making a joint and i seen him out the corner of my eye- thought it was someone else who had just went to the toilet but the guy had let the assalent in.
    next thing i felt a slap on the side of my head, or so i thought,looks up and see a guy with a ball pin hammer recoiling in one hand and a knuckle duster in the other.

    survival alarm bells kick into overdrive and i lay back and flip up like bruce lee and kick the mofo in the face grab the arm with the hammer and we start rolling around the room
    trying to kill each other, we went crashing through a coffee table and he was on top of me trying to take my eye out with a bit of glass from the table.
    i try to grab things but everthing seems nailed to the floor, just about managed to choke him out but by this time blood is pumping out of my head and it feels a bit draughty in the back of my head (thought there was a hole).
    just about got the hammer off him and he says "right thats enough" so i thought ok get to hospital and see to this mofo at a later date.

    got to hospital and had an overnight stay, i had been hit 14 times in the head with the hammer and God knows how many with the knuckle duster.
    the nurse said i have an extra thick skull and there were no fractures but i got a hella lot
    of staples holding my scalp together.
    next day everyone heard i was dead so you can imagine the shock in my enimies face when i went down to where they hang and stood right behind two of them.
    when they turned around one guys legs totally went from him and the other was pure white.
    any way i have no bother after i sorted things out after this.
  14. One time when I was 3 or 4 I was fishing at the end of my grandparents dock. I was just thuggin in my lawn chair not really expecting to catch anything. All of a sudden my pole yanks hard out toward the lake and I thought I was man enough to reel that bitch in but it pulled me off the dock and I started to drown. I blacked out for a few minutes and then remember being resuscitated on the shore by a family member.
  15. When i was 3 I was looking down a sewage tank and fell down head first. If they werent draining it at that moment I would have died, and if I didnt stand up right away (which I somehow did..) i would have died :smoke:

    Apparently im going to be lucky because i basically bathed in shit :smoke:
  16. I got shot three inches away from my femoral artery a few month's back. Gun misfired while a freind was holding it, Three more inches either way I wouldnt have ball's, a dick, could've went into my chest the way it fly but made and entry and exit on my shirt that I didnt notice till the hostpial. Also almost hit my bladder. It hit just the right stop to keep me from bleeding out and dyeing or loseing my man parts. Got 20 sitches and had to undergo sugury beacuse I had to get part of my artery repaired. I thank my lucky stars for every day of life I have now.
  17. I was doing a backflip on a trampoline and a flew off the side and at the last second i was able to contort my body so i broke my fall with my pinky instead of my neck

  18. :eek:

  19. Yeah dude, two months ago, Im fine now, just a little bit of nerve damage but damn I feel lucky I'm not six feet under or paralized or something. Could've been so much worse. it was a .22 magum derringer at about point blank range it was kinda by my chest. but luckly missed it and hit two inches away from a bunch of major shit in a fleshy area it did fargment and chip my hipbone.
  20. My dumbass friend once almost killed us by driving in front of a moving train, maybe a half second before it went passed. If we weren't speeding 40 in a 25 I think the tires would've gotten magnetized. I remember going over the tracks and seeing the train just coming at me fucking FAST in my peripheral vision, and literally as soon as I looked back and turned around it was already 10 feet past where we had driven over. So fucked up

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