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i shoulda spoken up yesterday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ManOnTheMoon424, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. lol so yesterday i was with my buds and they get a call from a guy we know that wants to give us some bud and the guy just says it's "dro" and when my friend on the phone relayed that message "dro" it turned into a jaw dropping eyeball popping face that would appear as though they heard the most awesome thing ever. guy continues to say 30/g because it "tastes even better than it looks" and is dro and i'm just sitting here like :rolleyes: because if i would have spoken up they would have all flipped shit on me


    sometimes i feel like the only dude that knows whats goin on in my group of friends.
  2. Hahahaha... wow. 'Dro' is totally the best brand of weed.

  3. Dude, it's either that, or "Kush"

  4. I kind of want to use a hydroponic set up to purposely grow terrible, terrible weed. Then I'll be like, "yo this shit is some straight dro!"

    Then again, I would probably just say fuck it and do my best. :)
  5. I know, I guess they kinda deserved it.
  6. No, no they wouldn't have.

    If people don't know that they don't HAVE to pay that much, they WILL!!!
    If they are your friends anyways, don't let them pay that much. Jesus chris. I've been with friends with dealers that say high prices and I tell my friends to say lower or no and they always will lower it. Negotiate man. fuck.

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