I should start a hotline for problems that you can't call anyone else for

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by LostBegonia, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. Call me if you're out of toilet paper
    Call me if you cat won't get off your desk
    Call me if your friend won't stop talking about Ant-Man
    Call me if you are sick of seeing the same ads over and over
    Call me if you can't sleep
    I will do absolutely fuck all to solve your problems but you can call and tell me anyway
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  2. Or, call these guys

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  3. Can I call you Betty?

    And Betty when you call me.....
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  4. Everything I eat turns to shit.
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  5. What if you eat shit?
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  6. Then it turns to Joe Biden.
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  7. What if we could call the dead??? :D

    Like, what if there were a hotline that goes directly to the spirit world? Not talking human mediums here lol. I'm talking real spirits of those who passed. We could ask them questions like what is Heaven like, but of course they're not allowed to answer us bc that's against the rules. We can talk to them but they can't talk to us lol. Can you imagine something like that? Can you imagine buying something like that for a dollar??? :p :D. It would be easy to scam people that way sadly, make them pay little nickels and dimes to be told they're talking to their grandmother only to have it be some asshole on the other end laughing into his Martini.

    Seriously, call me late for dinner if you want, but don't call me late to bake!!! :smoking-banana:
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  8. Allright, here's my problem;
    While watching a movie, during an exciting scene, the music gets so load that I can't hear the dialog. I messed with the speakers and the music was coming from both.
    What can I do the lower the backgrown music?

    Oh, hope you are having a great day.
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  9. Not sure if you can specifically turn dialogue up and down if it’s not a video game. That’s why I use subtitles on all my movies.

    Play around in your sound configuration on the TV. See which one works the best. Sometimes surround sound fucks with the dialogue and increases sound effects.
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  10. I'll chjeck that surround sound, good idea, thankx
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  11. I started to use tails with encrypted usb offline to store all my data about my crops etc, just worried, if I get caught can they force me to hand over the password or face jail( I live in the UK).

    If its a safe option, live os on usb is great, includes a version of office, and you can do some 2d drawing etc.
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  12. They already have that. They are called Ouija boards.
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    Right, seances, Ouija boards yeah I get it. I was so high when I wrote that lol. :p
    I used a Ouija board twice in my life... the first time felt a little weird, but the second time was okay. I had people with me both times though, wasn't gonna be too reckless. Still those things can be dangerous lol. Maybe a hotline for advice regarding that? Lol.
  14. That's a cool idea! Sometimes we all face unique challenges that aren't easy to discuss with friends or family. Starting a hotline for those niche problems could be really helpful.
  15. As a new, first-time cat owner, I can see this becoming an issue.
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  16. Ai or hackers would just leak the phone conversations and you'd get sued or something
  17. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap?

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