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  1. 02F6B87D-395E-477A-B80A-C629924E8BF9.jpeg 81CB72BD-0EC4-4672-9FA8-94AC2B264447.jpeg 0488986F-F4E5-470B-B51E-742FD804F260.jpeg :Love-Plant: Organic newbie making all the mistakes I can, hehe. Been waiting on dirt mix to finish cooking before repotting this fem photo from Seedsman, then letting the QBs do their thang. I was planning/hoping new dirt mix would fix problems but if plant has begun to flower.... Seems that I’ve read that pre-flowers signal a plant is ready to bloom, but it doesn’t mean the blooming process has begun. Not sure if I’m freaking and it’s just new leaves. Another set or two of eyes will ease my mind. THANKS in advance.
    She’s a Bruce Banger just finishing 9th week in veg under a 1000W blurple. (Gotta do something with ‘em.) Current dirt mix —supposed to be ITG’s basic— was hot, substitutions probably threw off pH and NPK/secondary/trace ratios. Plants suffered and remained tiny. Seemed to be Mg and P def throughout entire grow— could be be a pH/lockout problem. 1st round with organic dirt and QBs— guarantee some operator error involved.
    Will analyze NPK & pH current dirt mix (after grow) and also analyze the Try #2 mix before using (been cooking five weeks). ITG’s expert thread convinced me to try organic. Appreciate your help, Kwince.

    QUESTION 1. Do you see pre-flowers? Veg room light is on 24/0 because light is so dim.
    QUESTION 2. Is there a remedy for what ails her OR should I just hope the new dirt does the trick?
  2. That leaf curling up is a sign of heat stress
    can't see flowers.
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  4. Just new leaves boss. (Its easy to get over excited/unpatient with stuff)
    Other than the heat stress that scoob mention, plant looks pretty good for first your first go at it.
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    4B8E2662-1E48-4FFC-BE9E-A5AD03EB26B1.jpeg Scooby, Kronik and Canibis thanks for the quick response. After I took plant outside to take pics, I was questioning how/where I saw pre-flowers. But I was just surprised by two blooming plants I didn’t realize were autos. Never made the connection of ‘fast’ on package. Sometimes I seriously wonder about myself....
    Canablis, thanks for the compliment. It’s scary to put yourself out there. Not a total newb— but a loooong way from proficient. Concerned about the yellow edges on vegging plant’s lower leaves. I’ll get a thermometer/RH in veg space manana. QBs rock. I WILL get better with the organic thang. Pic courtesy of discovering magnifier on iPad camera. No questions; just sharing.
  6. I think your plant might be getting rootbound. Transplant into a bigger pot.
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