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I should be doing...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mjpearl, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I totally should get off grasscity and do my homework. What should YOU be doing?... Besides the obvious :p
    #hah stoners
  2. How about doing homework while high haha except math. I cannot for the life of me do math homework when im high. Fuck college math classes.
  3. I should be gathering more medical studies from PubMed. My "Home List" is 714 pages -up from 671 on Jan 28th! Thank you for reminding me! Now go do your homework and I'll see you in an hour or two!

    (Yesterday over at PubMed I found this little gem that just may just save someone's life!

    Talcum induced pneumoconiosis following inhalation of adulterated marijuana, a case report. (abst – 2012) Talcum induced pneumoconiosis following inhalat... [Diagn Pathol. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI)

    See ya later!

  4. An abstract and response paper on gender vs genre, how they affect linguistic variation
  5. I guess i should be going to bed, but tomorrow is my day off so its time to smoke up and have a few drinks.
  6. writing an informative speech...need a for suggestions!?? :smoking:
  7. Husker, if it can be on cannabis in any way, shape, or form, - I've done all your research! Click that first link in my sig for a small preview of what I have for you!

    If it can't, the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is cutting edge medical science- and I have a bunch on that, too!

    To get my most up-to-date selection of MMJ studies (and many easier-reading news articles about the studies), send me an email! (bottom of my sig).

  8. granny, your looking to save my day!
  9. Don't get too excited. With Granny living beside a volcano, I don't see her lasting too long.
  10. I need to work on my Spanish, hahahaha.
  11. I shud be smoking and pondering but im broke
  12. I should be out buying my new bong but im too lazy... ahh! :cry:
  13. What a coincidence, I should be doin homework right now tooo... Essay to be exact..

  14. Too lazy to buy a new bong? cmon man, just think of your first rip off your new beautiful, shiny, clear, clean, sexy, smooth, bubbly, milky, tasty, orgasmic piece of glass that we call bongs. That's enough to make you cream your pants right there :bongin:
  15. I should be doing SOMETING, i dont do shit lol

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