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I seem to have a backwards tolerance to weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by George1012, May 29, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking off and on for a while and I've noticed a weird pattern. I don't smoke every day. I do 2-3 days on, 4-5 days off, sometimes even longer. You'd think that after a good 4-7 day break you'd be really high. Not for me. My first time blazing after many days off I don't get quite as high as I do the second or third day. Sometimes I do but most of the time the better effects come on day two, and by day three I can get absolutely baked off of a much smaller amount then day 1. On day 1, 3 hits gets me semi baked. I'm really stoned after 5-7 hits. By day three I get really blazed from just one maybe two hits. I have a few different strains, some lower quality, but even lower quality weed has gotten me blazed before off of just a few hits after a few days of smoking and the higher quality stuff even doesn't get me as high on day 1 as the lower grade does on day 2-3 if that makes sense, so strains don't seem to matter, maybe it does I don't know. One thing I did notice is I've smoked every day for a week or two before and my tolerance starts to get a little higher but not by much, then after taking a few days off after smoking every day for a while I get really blazed. Sorry about any grammar errors but help me out here. Can someone kindly explain why this is? Thanks
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    It seems that taking time off strengthens my tolerance to bud and smoking it for a few days in a row weakens it again, whereas for everyone else its completely opposite. I'm still kind of new to blazing but after smoking for a few days in a row I wake up still kind of high throughout the next day.
  3. I pretty much know the weird patterns in which my body and mind react to weed. I guess I've got to just be happy with it, in that I've answered my own question. Sorry just rambling a bit much..
  4. Yesterday officially proves this true for me. I took an 8 day break, toked up, it took me way more to get me to the level I wanted to be at first time. Yesterday I used the same strain and literally got way higher off of half of what it took me the day before. Its literally like I have to smoke my tolerance lower. For everyone else it seems to be directly opposite. Idk if my metabolism is out of whack or what the deal is. Sorry for rambling much. I'll stop now
  5. Man, that sounds kind of cool to me. Looks like nice ways to spend the weekends. Never heard of someone with a case like yours, very interesting. Do you enjoy such pattern?

    I never put myself on a t-break, so far. Toke daily, and although I miss how spaced-out I felt, still not willing to exchange that for the daily relief on my back.
  6. It is kind of cool for sure but it also kind of sucks. I took an 8 day break from weed, lit up again and I got high but not super toasty, a little disappointed. Day two in a row I got even higher, when I smoked some higher quality stuff, but on day three I smoked the same strain I did day one and got higher off of way smaller inhales then day two even. I don't understand this. It used to be directly opposite. With each day smoking my tolerance would start low and get higher. This was before I had a 7 month break.
  7. My girlfriend is a way bigger lightweight then me, she smokes like once a month and she tried the same strain after taking like 26 days off and said she didn't really feel anything either! That strain is probably really low quality mid grade, or shwag possibly lol. Happy toking!
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  8. One last reply, sorry for my essays above. I once heard that the more THC you buildup in your system, even after sobering up completely if you smoke it reactivates all the other THC with the new you've just inhaled. Is that why this is? I don't know dick about smoking, except what I've experienced so far.
  9. I could be wrong, mind you, but I feel that since you are spending 2-3 days at a time smoking, 4-5 in between isn't really enough (especially after repeated cycles) to count as a tolerance break. Even if you aren't smoking the toughest during those few days, it doesn't take too much to keep your tolerance steady and rising overall. I know personally if I were to go by that schedule, I would still have tolerance issues. It not 'working backwards' per se, it's just a more spread out accumulative effect. Maybe try either burning less when you do toke, or do more to get it out of your body during your rest periods. Exercise, cram antioxidants, water cleanse, niacin, there are all sorts of ways to do that. Then you'll get that big high boost!

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  10. That actually happened to me once! wish I had the answer to it
  11. I respect your opinion but this is not the case with me. In fact I've lost even more tolerance over the past few weeks, not a lot but a little and I can tell. Usually I smoke 3-4 hits to get satisfied for awhile then a few hours later I will smoke a few more hits. Lately I've been getting so fucking stoned from just one smoke session that I don't end up going out later because I'm satisfied, maybe even too satisfied lol. Last few smoke sessions, one hit and I'm really high, two hits and I'm tripping. Go inside, hang out for awhile and pass out for the night. I do all my smoking late at night, past 11 PM. Whereas before I'd feel the want to go out again later to regrow the 'high'. Anyway one smoke session of just a few hits brings on better results now then two or three did spread apart throughout the night. Thanks for your reply!
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  12. Seriously the highs I've been getting lately are amazing. I've never done psychedelics before but the way people describe psychedelic trips pretty much match how I feel after a few inhales. Anyway I won't say anymore in this thread. Thanks for reading. Have a happy toke!
  13. I notice similar patterns with myself.

    I have been a daily toker for more or less 25 + years. I only need very little to get me baked. My theory is I have so much THC sitting in my body all I need is to rekindle the flame.

    THC is stored in fat which I have a lot of...... If you don't take a long break the levels will continue to build up. Fours days off is nothing IMO. Trying taking a few months off. if you really want a tolerance break.
  14. Well, the obvious point being that everyone has a different experience and everyone is affected differently with how it interacts with their body. Some people I know smoke the same shit and the same amount and have two different tolerances entirely. Example; the only time mine gets outta hand is when dabs become a regular occurrence for me, for some people, it would take them forever to get it back down after they cut out the dabs, but for me, it's like 4 days.

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  15. Same thing for me bro. I'm 20 now and have been smoking since I was about 11 and had a lot of time to experiment haha. (Went sober for a year and half, also smoked at least twice a week for about a year with stints of smoking constantly for months and taking breaks for months then resuming. SO BASICALLY I've experienced about every pattern I possibly could for myself and reached some conclusions about how tolerance works. Well at least for me which sounds a lot like yours)
    What I found was that the longer I waited and the more sober I became, the higher my tolerance was because I could more easily distinguish clear mindedness from highness if that makes any sense. However once I started smoking constantly, like practically being high all the time, I also started to develop a tolerance because I felt like I needed more to get higher since being high 24/7 was the norm for me. Where it gets tricky is when I take like 4 days off then smoke for 3 days or take a week of then smoke for a week. I find that when I take a short "tolerance break" for a couple days then blaze up, I get higher on the second and third days of smoking more than the first day, but if I keep smoking every day after that, the tolerance starts to build and it takes more to make me feel high.
    So my tolerance basically works in reverse until I start smoking daily in which case it works like "normal" I guess.
    I'm not sure why this happens but I think it has a lot to do with your smoking history and how well you handle how weed affects you. This would also depend on the strain. But I think I can get higher off small amounts now because I've smoked so much in the past that I know how I'm supposed to feel when I'm high and how to make the most of each experience. So It feels like I'm contributing more to my experiences now than I used to when I was like 14 because when I was younger I would just take hits, then let the drug do what it does and not really embrace its effects as much, it just made things more enjoyable. But now that I'm older, I know more stuff in general, I'm wiser, there's more stuff going through my head at any given time, I philosophize more, and all this stuff is enhanced by THC which wasn't the case earlier on. So my experience with weed as I got older made it much easier to get high because I'm more efficient with my highness I guess if that makes sense. I think this is true also because of my friends who have been smoking with me since I was 12. Their tolerance works exactly the same way as mine, (like backwards) and we've had discussions about it. But the people who have been smoking for only a few years are still those Chiefs like "yeah man my tolerance is so high it takes like 4 dabs to get me baked." when in reality I think they still just don't understand how THC can affect them personally and aren't as efficient with their smoking because of it. Hoped this helped! Sorry for the lengthy response but his has been on my mind for a while and if like to continue talking about it if that's cool. CHEERS!
  16. Maybe it's storing the cbd in your system and reactivates the baked feeling... I kinda notice something similar my mind takes longer to get buzzed then my body the longer the stretch of smoking. Almost like I get lazier easier while still very alert if that makes sense

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