i see dmt like things when i get really high?!

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    :cool:hey everyone ill get this straight before i get started.
    1.im the only person i know that can hallucinate if i get really stoned
    2. i am not lying at all when i say ive had intense fucking visuals
    3. its given me insights on life and how it works (that part is a blur)

    okay let me get this straight i have an incredibly low tolerance right all i need is 5+ bowls to get insanely stoned. when im at that point i can choose to trip balls heres what i do.
    i sit somewhere relax my whole body and my eyes slowly twitching and going 10x faster every second and in around 30 seconds its going so fast that when im at that point i start to see mind fucking stuff.

    oh and by the way before it happens i can see from the inside of my eye its hard to explain i swear it has something to do with dmt.
    its crazy im the only person who can do this and its not placebo!

    heres some examples

    1.seeing the universe through this hole
    2.mc donalads sign turns into a swastica (the maccas is in space with green grass)
    3. my computer screen goes into 100's of little screens in a circle shape
    4. inventions (i don't remember its a blur)
    5. fractals (only at the startt)
    6. geometric things

    honestly i think when i do that m realesing dmt or something because this just is not common at all its like i enter some sort of state where i can choose to trip or snap out of it.
    all i do is relax and my eyes start going crazy like fuck its impossible to twitch your eyes that fast on purpose. but when im high and i choose to twitch them its fucking insane.

    has anyone at all got an explanation
    oh and at the start i see mild fractal shit then i see the world from the inside of my eyes like the lens i don't know how to explain it

    thanks guys plz help me its crazy azz!:eek:

    sorry i forgot to mention that im no noob to smoking

    also for you dumb asses that don't believe me i don't care because all i want is an answer to why i see this sorta shit.

    ill sketch something up if i can next time

    yes i did make a thread about my weed bein laced i know it wouldnt be though. i just needed answers

    and i should add that its not a hallucination like my world just changes and im in a fairy land no its not like that. its just toooo damn hard 2 explain
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    oh and if i wanna get into this state i need to relax as if im meditating or something.

    by the way. when i see shit its all fucking shuttery like those old old movies because of my eyes twitching
  3. This is just about as believable as the people who think that their weed is laced with PCP when they get really baked.
  4. lol your a noob look at my post's im no fuckin troll...

    listen guys im not saying its dmt but its something and i know my my dealer doesnt lace my weed because its a waste.

    all i need is an answer its just weird as fuck when im with my friend he even told me that my eyes go fucking insane if i chill out hard.
  5. It's called weed.

    You were just really high.
  6. got any stories you wanna share so i know im not the only one haha rep+ if ya doo
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    I think the eye-twitching is just placebo, but whatever. You're experiencing it, so rock out :D

    If I do shit while I'm high it's not that bad, but if I get super baked and just lay on the couch chilling, it gets really bad. Like my mind is constantly getting revelations and my consciousness is too slow to catch up.

    When I close my eyes I feel like my body is turning in on itself, sometimes when I'm so high my eyes are nearly closed (like after a whole day of smoking), the walls turn reddish. Everything I touch feels soft, my mouth is so dry I'm expecting my tongue to fall out, and any music I'm hearing feels like it's being played from within my body outwards. :p

    Don't do drugs.
  8. I think there's some disease where that happens, might wanna look into that, they often usually have mental problems like schitzo ect. Do you?
  9. I doubt it has anything to do with DMT. Really.

    The true question is... How old are you? Truthfully.


    Either you have a mental illness (hppd) or your just an idiot
  11. Don't listen to all these morons trying to classify your experience as a disease. Just because it's unfamiliar to them doesn't give them the right to call it an illness.

    I really don't know what it is you are experiencing or what is the cause of it. What I do know is that you've got something special and you should explore it as much as you can.

    If you can, pay attention and remember these revelations you claim of and try to make out the objects you are seeing. Take notes and make a collection of information. I'd be happy to take a look at your observations. :)
  12. I can relate.

    When i get really stoned i can do all kind of things when relaxed in bed.

    Like spin my body upside down. (it actually feels like i am hanging from my feet.)

    I can also get into a kind of tantric state and have make myself think i am having an orgasm. (i don't actually finish) And this can go on and on for as long as i like over and over continuous orgasms.

    And a lot of things i cant explain.

    I think it all comes down to a the type of relaxed and meditive state of mind you are in.
  13. i experience this during sobriety ( i imagine it would be more intense when your high )
    i know exactly what you mean and i do think this is possible to do high.
  14. Haveyou ever experienced Psychedelics/ things that make you hallucinate?
  15. yeah its definatly not skitzo even tho people say im a paranoid person.

    i just know im not skitzo haha anyway, yeah i do consider this a gift and i hope its nothing underlying that i have in the future but honestly its fucking insane and this weekend ill try it out and get a notebad to try and sketch what i see.

    :) rep+ for having some belief

  16. okay heres the crazy thing.

    i can do that when im sitting down or on a bed and with the orgasm stuff i feel it in my stomach like theres some fucking energy.

    i thought i was going to die the first time it properly happend

    yeah it probs does come down 2 that but you see like no one i know has ever done this and i doubt like many people on earth can do this :).
  17. You never answered my question. It was legitimate. What are you avoiding?
  18. Dood me too, I take like 2 hits and all of a sudden Im flying around in space, flying past planets, with millions of stars flying past me.
  19. im pretty sure he did make a thread that his weed was laced.
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    no it doesnt lmao

    go back to apprentice tokers

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