i see death around the corner

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. and unfortunately its not my own demise

    my dad showed me his arm today and it has all these white splotches all over it, i basically forgot he had skin cancer until today, and he was sayin how he'll most likely turn down any kind of chemo or whatever, i dont know how deadly skincancer is, but i'd imagine its pretty deadly since your skin is basically your main barrier between the disease/germ filled outside world and the inside of your body

    and my pap is 87 years old, so his tic is most certainly running out of toc, although he's still in decent condition other than his mind is startin to go, he definitely has alzheimers or dimensia cuz he cant remember a god damn thing if you tell him something

    and if i was in my dads position i'd prolly wanna die too, cuz i mean me and him both live off of my paps pension since my dad isnt working cuz he got bad shoulders and he's a barber, though i still think its all bullshit so he dont have to work.. and if my pap dies before he does he's just as fucked as me

    but man, if both them fuckers die i am gonna be SHIT OUT OF LUCK, goodbye house, goodbye decent living, goodbye anyone to help me when i get in a financial bind

    oh well, what can ya do
  2. I don't know what to say, man. I know this thread was probably more to vent than anything else, but no matter how well you get along with your family, cherish the time you're able to spend together and make it mean something.
  3. not really so much venting as i am just tellin you guys whats goin on in my life currently like i've always done.... its not botherin me or nothin as i dont feel emotions except in rare cases, and i dont see anything happening in the immediate future, prolly more like a few years, but once one of them is gone then i'll really start sweatin
  4. Embrace it

    Don't be unprepared.

    And keep it real.

    And I mean that with respect - you're a good guy.
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  5. dude you are the real life huckleberry finn.

    you even call him pap.

    im sorry man.

    i hope things work out.
  6. Good luck.

    Start thinking of supporting yourself because you know its coming sooner or later.
  7. yes neg, skin cancer can still be deadly if not taken care of, tho it is one of the easiest to treat...usually just need to get the spot removed...but since hes been puttin it off for so long and its spreading to other skin sites i dont think thatll be an option
    srry bout the situation guy, really..it all around sucks...:(
  8. this confused me in a previous thread by him "PAP" is his grandpa hes 87 and just old his DAD is well idk how old and is the one with skin cancer i believe thats what he was saying so they are both not lookin to be in to good of condition basically
  9. mabye you should learn to take care of yourself
  10. Although i don't know much about your 'paps' situation, but skin cancer is one of the easiest to cure.
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    WTF, your dad and grandad are about to die and you're worried about their money and how it affords you your lifestyle? Time to grow up and stand up like a man. Im sorry about your dad and his cancer but it sounds like you're more worried about the money and that in my book is fucked up.
  12. as a man who must take care of himself on his own, if you know all your means of living is going to be gone you have to worry about it. no money no food.
    my father is sick too and will most likely be at least paralyzed within 2 years and wont be able to work. my mother makes shit money at her job and were a family of 6. guess whos gonna have to be busting his ass to support the familia? me.

    i feel you neg, i really do homie, hope all works out, and like another poster said, be prepared.
  13. Thats the point, Dont spend your time worrying about the MONEY you WONT have and think about the MONEY your gonna GET.

    If not, You prolly will be fucked.

    If you think about the paper you'll find the paper, Chase the paper.

    If you dont, Itll jus blow in the wind right past you.
  14. I'm not sure exactly what cancer my grandfather had. (I was pretty young, 4-5 years old maybe) And he had these pretty big bumps all over his body. I think I remember that my mom told me it was pretty rare. Not sure though. Hang tight.
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