I Screwed Up.

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    Brand new bong. Was giving it a wash and hit it and the base cracked. Was wondering how much it would be to fix, Is it worth fixing? Paid 140. Does topoo have any sort of a policy for these types of things? I live on Long Island. Anyone know any glass blowers out here?
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    that sucks :(
    clean it so it looks new, then call local shops and ask about repairs. one of them has to know somebody, but they won't take it in for repair unless it's sparkling clean.
  3. it doesn't look like you broke it all the way through to the base.... so it should still hold water. it'll probably have some balance issues and is definitely a ticking time bomb for more breakage... but it appears to still be totally functional!
    if I were you, I'd keep on truckin' with it and start saving some money for a new piece... and you might wanna go with a beaker, brother!
  4. Yeah but if you knock a piece hard enough to crack the base of a straight tube (which is normally thicker glass than any other part) I think you'd straight up shatter a beaker as the base of the straight should be thicker glass than the bottom of a beaker.
    I would advise the same as errl.  Keep using it, maybe tape it up so you don't cut yourself or break it further and save for a new piece.  The fact that it would crack at the base during cleaning...you either really smacked the crap outta it, or it's cheap glass and not worth the price to get fixed.

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