I scream, you scream, we all scream for marijuana!!!

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    My close friend proposed this magnificent idea while smoking on his final day before his 3 month yearly t break. I will present it to you in the most appealing way I can express it while only using words. Alrite so, what if, when bud becomes legal for recreation sometime in the future, that every day around 4:20 you would hear a loud song, like an ice cream truck song. You go outside and are amazed to see a ice cream truck style van with a huge potleaf on it! You gently ease yourself to this mysterious-heavenly like vehicle. As you get in view of the driver you notice he has long brown dreads and has a rasta shirt on. You notice the smell of some exquisite kushie kush and walk up to the counter. With a thick Jamaican accent he says " heeeey der brudda, velcome to 'rrrrrasta heavan'."
    You have no clue what to say or how to say it so all that comes out of your salivating opening is "wha-ba- huh?"
    He preceeds to flip a switch and on the outside of his truck, little metal flaps lifted and you saw an array of buds. In each section of bud there is an eighth of that bud sitting, just waiting to be combusted. There is also a little hole in each section so you may even smell the buds!
    The Jamaican man says "doo yaaa like vhaat yaa seee?"
    You are still speechless. You decide on 'anthrax og'.
    The man points to something behind him. Its instructions for paying. You follow the instructions and pull out a drawer from the end of the truck. You put your money inside and shove the drawer back into place. You can hear movement from inside the vehicle. Then you hear a one, two knock.
    "Knock....knock knock"
    You realize this is the indication to pull back out the drawer. You can see your sack of weed in a nice little(but very cheap) glass container. You say to yourself "sweeeeeet"
    You go up to the counter and the Jamaican says "alrite now brudda, see ya in anodda life"
    He starts his truck and drives away, getting farther and farther untill his truck is just a minuscule speck in the distance............
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  2. velcome to what?
  3. [quote name='"Sweetleaftoker"']velcome to what?[/quote]

    Premature "send post" fuck this GC app!
  4. I hope that day comes when I'm still alive:p
  5. [quote name='"SsYyNn"']I hope that day comes when I'm still alive:p[/quote]

    Me too.....me too......
  6. You painted a truly beautiful picture in my mind. You rock, dude
  7. This.

  8. Thats exactly what I was going for:smoke::smoke::wave:
  9. Nice, but he would be robbed multiple times a day most likely not everyones a docile stoner
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