I Say Fuck Probation. Fuck Illegalization

Discussion in 'General' started by Krn7iger, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. I posted in real life stories section about few days ago, concerning my drug test coming up tomarrow.....ive kept my self clean for the past month, enduring the pain of turning my back on mary jane...and on this very last night, as i think about the reasons i had to quit smoking, I got fucking angry. Fucken probation officers and people of the "justice system" unjustly label you if u have THC in your system as if youve been binging on drugs all your life, and ur just another troublesome kid whos got no future unless I do it their way. you know wat, FUCK THEM, FUCK JUSTICE IF THIS IS JUSTICE. They fucken let murders like OJ off the hook and fucken put me on probation for smelling like weed? (which i find to be a wonderful smell, other than pussy) .....and why am i so angry? i mean i hope people of this website feel my pain, as my love for MJ is great....my friend gave me a nug today as a gift, somthing to look forward to celebrating after i pass the test tomarrow....as i was smelling it, closign my eyes imaginign the good times i had, I couldnt help but be FUCKEN PISSED. FUCK FUCKFUCK FUCK an the worst thing is they are gonna test me even if i pass it...worst feeling ever....:( at least for a week i will get back in touch with my love ....anyone feel this way about MJ other than me?
  2. man im on probation too i fuckign cant wait to get off my bros are missing chilling with me all cuz i got caught with a dime at school
  3. Man why you gotta bring OJ into this shit? He's clean brah

    Anyways, weed is against the law. You know you're taking a risk when you smoke it, like I do, everyday. It shouldn't be that big of a deal if you can't smoke though. Life goes on brah, i'm assuming you're not too old, you're gonna be on probation for how long? That's shit all compared to how long you're gonna live, and be free to do whatever you choose.
  4. A Dollar a Joint Legalization plan. It'd be great if you or anyone else could check the link in my signature. The OP gives a great idea that seems do-able for everyone though its still in its planning process. Check it Out and help us spread the word! :smoke:

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