I saw pineapple express last midnight and...

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  1. It wasn't good, especially with all that hype it got.
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    That's not good.

    Gonna' go catch it tomorrow mid-day.
  3. are you serious
  4. i thought it was seth rogens best movie. some things were a little repatative, and annoying. but it still is in my top 5 movies. definatly.
  5. neg rep! neg rep! neg rep!

    JK :smoking:
  6. saw the midnight showing. i think if my theatre had been packed with stoners it woulda been great but i had to watch it with a bunch of straight edge bitches that apparently didnt fucking SMOKE before the movie. FUCKING BITCHEs

    besides that, the movie was good. me and my homeboy were prob the only ones laughin cause we were high as kites
  7. So how would you guys rate the movie from stoner view?? for instance Half Baked for me was a 9/10.... pineapple express was a???
  8. Lol did they not laugh at the stoner parts or something? or just not at all?

    At harold and kumar you could tell who the stoners were for two parts. The part where the guy showed the cigar box full of weed (cheers) and when the political douche broke the joint. (gasps)
  9. I saw it at midnight last night also, and I really enjoyed it 8/10. Also my theater was PACKED with stoners, they were throwin beach balls and inflatable rafts around and people cheered and clapped at some of the weed parts.. idk it was really good I recomend seeing it.
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    i saw it last night, 4 theatres were packed with people, almost every car in the parking lot was boxed. it was almost a joke.

    but to bad the movie sucked. i'd give it a 6/10
  11. Cant wait to see this flick tonight.Just picked up an eighth of og kush so it should be good!
  12. it was cool. i thought it was over rated and didnt meet my personale expectations, but it was good. i wished there was more weed smoking and shit, but maybe im being picky. i saw it two times in 12 hours, yeah im a loser.
  13. "grandaddyp, purple nurple, og kush, og kush."
  14. we smoked an eigth of OG before the movie too
  15. i wished there were more smoking scenes too
  16. I really liked the movie. It kept me entertained, laughing, and it's a great stoner movie.
  17. not good?
    i beg to differ my friend.
    it was pretty good.
    had more herb in it than i thought.
  18. That was a damn good stoner movie. They smoke at least every ten minutes man!
  19. funniest movie i've seen... the fact that 3 grams of DANKS were smoked before helped. the first scene is sooooooo fuckin hilarious. i got there right when the movie was starting and i didn't stop laughing for the first 10 minutes... i just coulnd't help it

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