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  1. My grandma is a very religious woman and I was raised part by her, making me a spiritual person. I went to church with her every Sunday until I was about 13. I was 15 when I first started smokin. The bible says that your body is a holy temple and to keep it holy, so the question started to arise: Does God approve of this? So about a month later while I was smokin wit tha crew, I asked God to send me a sign if he didnt want me smokin weed. I was wearin a gold Starter jersey and as I looked into my lap with my head on the table, I saw the face of Jesus! Of course not in color, but it was like the holes in my jersey and the shadows made a face of Jesus. I seen him again against the white wall of my friends room, freaky!
    Im 18 now and I still havent quit, but I feel closer to my spiritual side more and I sometimes "bless" the blunt (not out loud) before I smoke. And I always smoke wit my left hand because I know its not right.
    Has nE1 esle done somethin like this?
    What are yall opinions about the right/wrong when it comes to God?
  2. dude for starters rating your own thread is sad.

    and about seeing jesus well I cant say I have ever seen jesus and if I have I wouldnt know unless they told me.

    but blessing your blunts . well im not religious but i am spiritual and I cant say I have ever blessed by blunts but I did draw energy from the solar system and put it in my plant and my own energy using like a chi ball if you know what I mean. Man I am smoking the best bush I have ever smoked right now solar system bud.
  3. First, if you saw Jesus, you were smoking some primo
    ganja. So, you asked for a sign, and then ignored said
    sign when it appeared? You must not believe too strongly.

    God created Cannabis for man to use. It is a natural and good herb. Our brain has THC receptors just waiting for the blessed chemical to enter.

    The early, early Catholic church is based on getting everyone stoned all to bejesus from all the reefer incense that they burned in their masses. The Oil that Jesus and his posse used to annoint was cannabis/hemp oil that cured a bunch of ills and bad attitudes.

    You do know that in Islam the use of cannabis is approved of while alcohol (created by man) is forbidden. I think most of the prophets used some type of psychoactive chemical in their daily life......

  4. How did you kno i gave myself a few stars? j/k I just though id give myself a self-esteem boost...
    i still smoke yeah, and i dont really think im ignoring the sign. I acknowledge it.
    A lot of the things we do in life, God wouldnt approve of, so why do people do them anyway. ya kno what im sayin? This is no where near as severe as murdering or even comitin adultery, but im no preist now.
  5. You see, it is like this.
    It is only 'wrong' if you personally think it is wrong.
    What other's think does not matter. Of course there
    is John Law and his bigoted views.

    Each person has a choice as to what to do with and
    in their lives. Some choose pot and some choose
    alcphol. Some choose both, but they will not be around
    very long. Most either go one way or another in the end.

    Murder, stealing, baby raping, etc are all universally considered wrong. Tobacco use is wrong. It is the real
    killer in America and should be more tightly controlled than

    I do not think that God approves or disapproves of most decisions a human makes. If you feel BAD or GUILTY when you do something, then the God inside you has you by the balls. If you cannot live with the guilt, then quit. If you prefer to keep smoking then quit feeling bad.

    Do what you think is right and all will be will in the world.
  6. tell me.... when you saw jebus did he look like a gentle faced caucasian?

  7. i got just one question:

    he's black isn't he ?
  8. man made beer, god made weed. who do u trust?
  9. probably yeah. Middle east all that way isn't it? Doesn't matter anyways.
  10. one time i saw the face of a monkey on my pants while high. what does that prove? nothing.

    if you're "looking" for something that you want, you'll most probably see it. it's called paranoia.

    on a similar note, if you think people are watching you smoke a joint, then you'll convince yourself that there is someone watching. it's the same with miracles. if you pray for something and it by luck happens to come true, it doesn't necessesisarily (sp) mean that your prayer caused that to happen. someone on these boards once said that if you pull my finger and i fart, it doesn't mean that my finger made me fart (or something along those lines).

    it's the same when i'm smoking in my apartment.. i'll start seeing marks or pieces of paper on the floor. at the time i'm thinking of weed so i pick it up to see if it's weed and it's not.

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