i saw it on youtube....

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  1. hey, i saw this video on utube,
    would this work for indoor growing? what about setting up the grow area?

    also, what is the best way to grow indoors, that takes up the LEAST amount of space? thanks.

  2. haha....that is bull shit. it says a 10 gallon glass tank is under $10......not on this planet. those things are fucking expensive. try about $50. maybe you could find one at a good will with a few holes and alot of scum/alge build up in it for under $10 :rolleyes:

    you'd be better off just buying a premade hydro kit such as the GENERAL HYDROPONICS WATERFARM you can pick up for around $35-$50 and that includes everything you need including the container, grow rocks, air pump, and nutreints or if you wanted to make it, like in the video, substitute the aquarium for a plastic bin, (found at any walmart, target, home depot) for around $5-$10, but those plans could also use some other changes.

    on another note......once on youtube, i saw a video showing some guy in columbia making cocaine, from coca leaves... (not just cooking coke into crack, thats easy) that video pissed me off, because it was really interesting, but did not include the specific chemicals or ammounts of them needed to do the process :mad:
  3. idk i think it would work if you have it so no light gets to the roots , but the only thing i can think of is trying to clean out the tank and not breaking it. Also you have to think of placing of the plants so when they do get bigger (idk your setup but) but haveing 6 2-3 feet plants in one 10 gallon tank........one plant needs about 1 sq foot...inless your Sog

    Toke on, Tol
  4. http://youtube.com/watch?v=zIVOFtVVAw4
    maybe thats the video you were talkin about. yea thats pretty much how you make it. its not really useful for anyone here unless you have access to several kilos of coca leaves. because it would take that much to make a ounce or so of cocaine. probably not even that much. but anyway the HCl fumes because its like 12 molar, and by the way, you should not pour 12 molar HCl into a plastic bucket, or stir it in the way he shows you in the video. But this columbia cocaine, so its not exactly setup very eloquently.
  5. I built a hydro set-up with a fish tank like that and am using it to grow tomatoes. If I were do do it again (and I will), I'd use it to grow something different, like basil or lettuce. Something that doesn't have as huge a root structure, and that you don't mind setting on a table-top that's waist high. The tomatoes are really way too big for the system.

    For MJ you want to use 3 to 5 gallon buckets for individual plants, or maybe improvise something out of those rubber-maid storage containers. You don't need a lid that floats up and down with the water level, it's okay to let the roots dangle in the water from a fixed bucket.

    Also, that guy has you washing soil off the roots of plants that have been started in soil. That's pretty foolish and not a good way to start plants. It's better to start your cuttings or seeds directly in rockwool, or some other growing medium.

    These forums have plenty examples of great hydro systems. This is a great one here:


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