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I saw a tolerance guide on this forum or another that said..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jvsdiojisio, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. I'm pretty sure it was this forum..anyways it said something like after 1 month your tolerance goes down say 20%, then in 2 months bla bla %, etc
    Does anybody know where that thread is? Or can someone roughly estimate how it works for me?

  2. I don't know but I hope that's not accurate I'm at the end of a 3 week break and if my tolerance isn't even down 20% I'm gonna be pretty pissed lol
  3. Doesn't work that way. Its too much to do with personal chemistry and perception to claim something like that.
  4. That is really wrong. Because it is truly different for everyone.
    Take for instance
    #1: daily toker for 1 year
    #2: weekly/weekend toker for 1 year
    If both #1, and #2 quit for 1 month, they will see 2 totally different percentages dropped from one another.
    Other things that matter during tolerance breaks is your body fat percentage (higher fat=less tolerance dropped), how much you exercise, and etc.
  5. I don't think tolerance goes down at a constant rate. I think it goes slow at first and then fast after around 2 months give or take
  6. Jogging will lower it. And if you got a fat ass it helps that too
  7. ....why on earth do you think jogging would lower tolerance lol?
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    [quote name="Snoop Toad" post="19363253" timestamp="1390063394"]....why on earth do you think jogging would lower tolerance lol?[/quote] thc is stored in fat, aerobic exercise speeds up the metabolism, burning day which contains thc eventually making you have less in your body which makes your tolerance
  9. Lessen Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
    other way around,
    give me two days without pot i'll be high as a fucking kite, give me a week, i'll be just a bit higher than two days without.
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    That isnt how it works with drugs lol. It also isnt the same type of thc being stored.
  12. [quote name="Snoop Toad" post="19363329" timestamp="1390064465"]That isnt how it works with drugs lol. It also isnt the same type of thc being stored.[/quote]fastee metabolism means you will not need as long a t break Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  13. biggest factors;
    metabolism- the faster your metabolism, the faster the breakdown of the metabolites=lower tolerance faster, opposite with a slower one.
    time of T-break- the longer you take a break the lower your tolerance will go, I doubt it's constant though cuz after a while you can't really go any lower. 
    amount smoked before break- heavy smoker's will have more metabolites of thc to burn- making it longer to bring tolerance down. Occasional smokers don't have as much thc stored in them- needing less time to lower tolerance significantly.
    Working out may help, but I'm not sure how significant that would be.
    I have a FAST metabolism so after a week I can feel a good difference, but waiting 2-4 weeks will get me sky high.....if I wait any longer than ~2 months I don't think I'd feel any significant changes because I probably burned all the metabolites a while ago..... 
  14. Your tolerance is in no way connected to how much inactive metabolite is in your body. It has to do with brain chemistry and how continued introduction of a chemical to the receptors leads to less receptors and less effect on those receptor by the chemical.
  15. We're all different. My experience has been the opposite, a week for me is noticeably more than two days. Although I don't often go two days without so idk...
  16. Im lost on this whole TB thing?!?!? every time I buy its 2 or 3 diff strains, I burn every night and am always just as fucked up, sometimes a little more, but you all know what im sayin
    true true,
    i was totally speaking from my personal experience.. 
    hahaha, i guess i wasn't trying to nay-say yours.. more just show the difference xD
    Theres a reason so many people take tolerance breaks, maybe you aren't smoking that much, maybe not long enough to notice, or maybe if you took a break you'd realize hw much higher you were getting before, and you're probably burning MORE to get AS fucked up
  19. You already posted another thread about the same exact topic... wtf

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