I saved a guy from getting a DUI last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Corbrey, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. So yesturday I was leaving my girlfriends college at midnight, and I stopped at a 24hrs gas sation to get some gas. Well I pull up and there is this dude in his car, I look in the car, and the guy is PASSED OUT. Just out cold, so I'm joking around with the worker there, this woman in her mid 60's, and she said to me "I had to call the police, I feel bad, but I had to." and I just look at the car and say "Oh shit! He is about to get a DUI charge."
    She gets a really sad look on her face and just says "Oh no!" So I said to her "If I go do something to the car, will you tell the police?" and she says no.

    So I went outside and I see headlights about 100 yards away, the cops, and I reach in the car and take the keys out and toss them in shotgun, I checked the guys pulse as the police pulled up, he was ok. So all of a sudden he woke up and was all confused so I said to him:
    "Hey buddy, do you want the good or bad news?"
    "What? Bad I guess."
    "Your about to get arrested for Drunk In Public, it's only a holding charge, as in your going to jail for the night to sober out, the good news is, I took your keys out of your car and you avoided a DUI charge and a possible licences suspension."
    <Cop walks up, talks to me, I told her he was ok, he was sleeping at the wheel, she knew he was drunk, whole car smelt like vodka, he got arrested, avoided a DUI because he was parked, and the keys weren't in the ignition.

    I don't support DUI at all, I think it's retarded. Driving after like 10 beers is nothing really, well I'm a 240LBS guy, so maybe its just nothing for me, but driving buzzed is not bad, driving drunk, is.
  2. Even one beer is enough to fuck over the right person while driving, and "but I only had one" is certainly no excuse if the cops find you swerving around. Anyway, that's awesome that you managed to do that. A few friends of mine went to Montana last year, and got smashed enough to put Nick Nolte to shame. A motel manager didn't let them spend the night because he "didn't wan't them to fuck the place up" (ignorant prick), so they crashed in their van. Fortunately, one had enough brains to take everyone's keys and lock them in the glove compartment, but that didn't stop good old Officer Arsehole from nailing them all with DUIs, despite the fact they were sleeping harmlessly in the back of a van, not hurting anyone, not doing jack shit. "Montana is fucked up" was the first thing they said to me after they got back.

  3. WTF?????


    I would have let the dumbass get a DUI.
  4. Yea, it would teach him a lesson...

    But it was a nice thing for you to do, generally you just helped him avoid a shitload of charges, and fines.

    You did a neutral thing. Not good, Not bad. You did what you saw was right.

    Good job.
  5. what if it was you?

  6. I make more intelligent choices- I would have called myself a cab if I was unfit to drive home.

    This guy was obviously not fit- he couldn't even make it home apparently, so he fell asleep at a gas station. He shouldn't have been driving to begin with.
  7. I cant help but agree, its logically the only reasonable thing to do. But Corbrey, i'm still glag you helped that guy, talk about saving a brothers ass.
  8. I didnt ask IF you would do it, I asked WHAT IF it was you that was in that situation, I would much rather be helped then not, by cor helping this guy its sure to change his life in some way, sure this guy made a bad choice but dont we all?

  9. Your correct- we all make some bad choices in life, but it is the consequences which we must accept.

    If it was me I would have let the cops come and do their thing.

    Helping someone sneak by the law is not necessarily a nice act.
  10. Well the main reason why I did it is because I got my licences suspended for 6 months, and it SUCKED major balls, DUI is up to two years.
  11. I got nothing but love for you cheeba, but how about smoking marijuana, it is technically sneaking by the law as well....and im only saying that because i remember your post about loosing your lighter while camping. Which btw i am deeply sad for, lol :)

    When you purchased that marijuana, should you have been given the time and fines associated with it?

    We both enjoy the outdoors, so i have respect for ya...but i do not agree with your decision to leave the man to the authorities.

    I am trying not to sound harsh nor flame here, but i do disagree with some of your logic.
  12. +rep. Glad you did it. We need more people like you.
  13. you did the right thing. i woulda acted like im the sober driver and got him out w/out charges
  14. If I am caught with it- then sadly yes.

    When I make my pickup I am well aware of the risk I am taking and know what the consequences will be if I am caught. I would never make such a decision otherwise.
  15. i think the guy did the right thing maybe he though he was ok to drive, started driving and went "man, i way to fucked up" and pulled over to sleep it off what the problem?
  16. good lookin' man... not the best of situations, but most people learn more from an act of kindness (and escaping the ax) more than getting busted and ending up bitter towards "the system"

  17. agreed.
  18. +Rep

    That's awesome. I don't agree with people driving drunk, but it's cool that you saved him a lot of trouble. I'm smoking a bowl for you.

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