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I Ruin The End Of A Joint Sometimes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Floral, May 19, 2013.

  1. Sometimes ive noticed that i "bum" a joint, (make the end too wet) I usually hit bongs, but when i do smoke a joint, or a rolled fag, sometimes the end becomes way too moist and abit disgusting, Not to mention it ruins the joint/fag. This is quite embarrassing and obviously frustrating, and im not sure what im doing wrong? I notice some people fold their lips when the smoke, is that the answer? but yet i find others that don't and smoke perfectly. Can anyone help me out with some tips or an explanation? 

  2. dont stick the damn thing in your mouth, just barely touch your lips to it and suck, like you are kissin the tip of a penis and trying to suck the suck out the juices no homo u feel me
  3. Yeah aahaha man i dont want to be thinking of a penis when blazing, but i get what you mean. Cheers man
  4. You can always fix that by lighting the end with a lighter, but avoidance is best. Learn to hit the jay without wetting it. Don't have a lot of saliva in your mouth, don't put the whole jay in your mouth.
  5. Okay cheers man, been a while since ive hit a jay anyway so i should be fine i think now 
  6. Cardboard tips.
  7. This, I never roll a joint without a crutch. Every time I smoke one they get fucked up.
  8. Have dry lips and dont deepthroat it

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