I ripped off amazon?

Discussion in 'General' started by Quagsire, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. So the other day I ordered a zigzag roller and a couple packs of papers for myself and a few of my smoking buds (we're all Level 0 joint rollers) and I received an email from the seller that the order got lost in the mail and I would be refunded. So all my money is refunded and this morning when I woke up, I checked my email and found a tracking email saying my order was on the mail truck for delivery.

    Sure enough, couple hours pass by and my order is delivered with everything I asked for.

    Will the seller be asking for me to return it or take money out of my balance for my order? Or did I just get all this for free? :smoke:
  2. Keep it on the dl.
  3. The officials will be investigating. I would keep on the down low to avoid arrest
  4. All you have to say is "What package?"
  5. ^this..
    if they ask for the money say they still owe you a damn joint roller and some papers..
  6. Unless you had to sign for it. But I mean that's what like $10? Ide tell them you got the packag, he'll maybe you'll get it free for honesty. Either way good karma :)
  7. Haha well I'll definitely be looking out for the feds bustin' down my door. :D

    Looks like I just got lucky.:hello:
  8. I ordered 100 of those zig zag rollers for 1.00 once... from amazon they were a penny each i was like STEAL!
  9. Lol, so today I checked the mail and I found another roller and papers. The same company sent me two and I paid for none. Well looks like I got some more papers anyway and a backup roller in case mine breaks.

    Some companies just don't know how to business I guess, whatever. :D
  10. I just had PayPal glitch out on me and cancelled my orders and refunded me money without actually taking it out of my bank..deposited it into my bank and nobody said shit..also sent a scratched iPod I got I eBay back to the seller because he didn't say it was scratched and then was a dick and said no returns..PayPal makes you show then something saying you sent it back so I did and they refunded my money but the dumbass didn't accept the package thinking he was gonna still get away with it so it came back to me and I got a free iPod haha dumbass
  11. I ordered a hoodie and a pair of trainers which was around £75 in total, i canceled the order because i suddenly needed the money, next day they arrived and my money was refunded, they never realized, this was 2 years ago lol
  12. Amazon police are coming to your house

    And them amazonians are crazy
  13. I used to buy full MP3 albums from amazon and they had it so that you add it to cart then download and they charge you like the next day. So I would always download albums like crazy then just cancel the order so I got them all for free :smoke: eventually they caught on though and now they charge before you download.
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  14. I think you should pack your shit and go to mexico.

    Point is, it's nothing big.
  15. I bought a hookah. Bitched about it an they gave me my 80 bucks back. Didn't even ask for the hookah. All they said was please remove the bad review and we will refund you.
  16. I agree.

    I've been ordering stuff from Amazon since sometime in the '90s. They are a great company and I couldn't be dishonest with them.

  17. The company did the right thing in refunding your money. Then to top it off they sent you a replacement for free. Now you have two orders and think the company doesn't know how to conduct business. Man up and email them & offer to pay for the original order.
    Karma can be good and Karma can be bad....
  18. this happened to me on a bunch of things. they cant just say give it back lol.

    its yours buddy.

    also you sure you didnt get them from a 3rd party seller on Amazon? i dont think they actually directly sell shit like that.
  19. You'll be fine, but I mean, If they ask tell the truth, its good for ya.....and you won't have to stress. Shits scanned like a mofo so I am sure they can track it to you if they really wanted to...

    I bought a "Lot" of "Silver" Chains, and only 1 was actually sterling out of 8....I was like Woah, y'all misslead the fuck outta me with the pictures showing sterling, So they gave me my money back and let me keep all the chains....I tested another because of its jingle and it was unmarked sterling too.. So in being shady, they slipped up even bigger.
  20. From my experience with them, I'm quite sure you are right.

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