I return... with a new life !

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mooglekexin, Jul 18, 2004.

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  1. hey,

    i missed this city! my old pc was the worst thing ever online, so much so i never came here... but i now have a new pc, a beautiful shuttle pc, pics soon. good point number one !

    i am in one month gonna be a college kid !!! just an HNC in computing, but freedom from Okney and life in a city where weed will be much more available and a fucking student life !!! good point 2!

    em... what else...

    growing my hair... looks really shit now tho, so i wear a hit till it is cool :)

    life just seems to be working at the moment, resulting in excessive happieness

    i feel home again here tho...
  2. here we go

    and i got a beast of a 19\" monitor too !!!

    specs are AMD AthlonXP 2500+, 1GB Ram, 160Gb HD, radeon 9200 graphics card

    i love it, and it loves me, causing me to be a very joyous boy at the moment !
  3. and a re-emergence as a skating techno punk, computer geek hybrid beast

    and my lovely, \"karma\" skateboard, have i shown it here yet ???

  4. its all a BEAST lol looks sweet, have fun with it :)
    if its fast, its fun!

    glad to see you back moogle!

  5. looks like something from the jetsons...
    hey man enjoy! And welcome back.... hopefully we\'ll be seein a whole lotmore of you around here with a whole lot more pics to be addin... :D
  6. well, here is the skateboard. i think i mighta shown it here already, cant remember tho...

    coming soon, ME! and my reinvented self...
  7. don\'t wanna ruin your thread but the objects you possess don\'t reinvent yourself, only you can.. how did you reinvent yourself?
  8. well. i am off to college instead of bumming about doing nowt.

    and by reinvented i mean dont look like a \"ned\" anymore (dunno what this might be called outside of scotland)

    and i gave myself some cool robotic arms
  9. Nice shuttle.
  10. not getting much use outta the skateboard eh?? haahah.

    good shit man, hope you do well in school!!!
  11. nice, i was thinking about digging out my old board and taking back some of my old haunts

    but i gotta dig out my body board first :D
    I am ok with that, lol
  12. Nice rig. You planning on getting DOOM 3 to play on that?

    They say it gives a solid performance even with a Geforce 3, so you\'d be able to.
  13. yup, doom3 preordered as of a few days ago, only thing letting it down is the graphics card really, i could do with farcry as a benchmark for it... saving for an Ati Radeon 9800XT 256MB now, only £200... possibly a slight processor upgrade but i need to see how much the mobo can take

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