I respect police, unless they lose it.

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  1. I don't get why so many people hate on the police. Calling them names, insulting, threatening to cause them harm.

    EVEN if there are a FEW police that are bullies and jerks, why not just give them the benefit of the doubt that they are kind and decent people? Who does it hurt to treat everyone with kindness and respect until they show you that they don't deserve it?

    I personally like police, they protect me from people WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL ME.

    If we didn't have police, there would be mass chaos not much different from that in The Dark Knight.

    Now, if an Officer does something to me that is inappropriate, that SPECIFIC officer has lost my respect.

    The fact of the matter is the men and women who serve in America are there to AID the community. It is NOT NOT NOT their fault if the elected officials, who are their bosses, tell them to go arrest people who are smoking/driving fast etc.

    I just don't get the hate, you'll be sorry when the day comes if your house has been broken into and you reach to call the police, oh wait you gave the middle finger to the dude and yelled pig at him. Now he really wants to help you.

    I am in no way affiliated or related to any member of law enforcement or government offical, at least as far as I know. I am just saying this because I see so many people on this site and in the world around me that just show a lack of human decency when it comes to someone who risks his or her life for you on a daily basis.
  2. yeah i dont mind them either.. until they fuck with me.. but i havent had that happen in a long time
  3. Your point is entirely valid, but its clear you've never been arrested...
  4. Ya I have never been arrested, lucky on that part because there have been situations where cops have actually let me off because they said I was being respectful and honest and they thought I was a 'good kid'.
  5. come back when you get arrested, finger printed, photos taken, Bud taken, car impounded, possibly felony...all for weed....
  6. It still wouldn't be their fault though, that would either be my bad for being in a sketch ass location or my fault for getting my neighbors pissed off enough for them to call the cops on me. I don't blame any cop for doing their job, once they know about something it is AGAINST THE LAW for them not to arrest you etc.
  7. i got arrested in june 07 for street racing. car impounded, reckless driving, 100 over speedlimit, wanton endangerment, refusal to stop, improper acceleration, no insurance, failiure to register vehicle, failiure to transfer ownership, no seatbelt, illegal vehicle modifications. the police officer talked to me while we were waiting for the tow truck and he listened to what i had to say. he decided he was just going to charge me with 25 over (WHEW!), no insurance and rgistration, and reckless driving. kept me from serving some time in jail.

    august 07 i got arrested for being drunk. under the age of 21, public intoxication, disturbing the peace, got everything dropped except public intoxication.

    march 8th 2008 i got caught with a ounce in a car with some friends rolling some blunts. cop took my weed and gave me a $20 ticket. charge got dropped after i paid the fine.

    march 16th 2008 i got caught with a half ounce and a pipe and my car was reeking of weed and smoke was billowing out. i was in a wreck but it wasnt my fault. cops took my weed and pipe, and i got a $50 ticket. no DUI or anything.

    march 23rd (day before my birthday), got caught in a park at 2am with 2 16yr old girls with a dub. cop took my weed, gave me a ticket and told me not to get caught again because i alredy have 2 cases pending now. told me to go take these girls home or something and stay out of trouble. told me to get a lawyer and get my cases merged and take a simple drug class and have it all dropped.

    i ended up going to court and took a drug class and had it all taken care of. out of all of my marijuana offenses, i never got arrested, the cops even worked with me and helped me out. i deserved to get arrested every time i got caught because of my stupidity and the situation i put myself in, but they actually had hearts and looked out for me.

    there are good cops out there. dont mean mug them when you see them, tell them they do a good job.

    some psycho that was planning to bomb some places shot 2 cops here like 4 days ago and they had him cornered. they didnt even kill him, used nonlethal force and gassed him out of the house, when he saw SWAT rushing him he put his gun to his face and killed himself.
  8. man i thought i was the only person out there feelin like this.. but serious i dont mind cops, they never give me trouble, but in the same respect i never give them trouble... i drive the speed limit, i dont pick fights with people and i lay low.

    having the cops on your side comes in handy.. its seriously easy enough to avoid them...
    and its a win-win situation. they get the criminals, i get the weed home to my stash in safety
  9. That's really cool man, respect for all.

    I wonder if you have even been pulled over for speeding when people around you are passing by, or been profiled and treated like SHIT.
  10. Wait until you catch a felony. I think you might have a change of heart...


    being arrested sucks big fat cock and you ARE going to hate the bitch that put the cuffs on you


    It's not about respect, it's about the 3-5 years in prison you'll get if they decide to fuck your night up.
  12. yeah man there is that good majority of nice cops who aren't out to ruin your day, but odds are you're not gonna run into that one.
    and if you do odds are he's gonna turn into a dick because cops in general obviously don't like anyone who breaks the law, thus meaning he doesn't like anyone who smokes weed or does ANYTHING illegal, so he's just gonna be a dick no matter what man.

    cops are cool if you haven't done anything "wrong".

    but we're all constant herb smokers, so we're wrong to them in every way they can think of.
  13. I have several problems with police officers. But, I am chill with sheriffs. I pick bud up off of a Sheriffs son. :smoke:
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    who is trying to kill you?

    what is it about cops that makes them innately deserving of respect?

    how come there's a stiffer penalty for hitting a cop then for hitting my girlfriend?

    how come a cop can inspect your car but I can't?
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    I respect cops cuz it's just a job, not all of them are assholes. Most of them are just trying to provide for their families. One of my best friends is a cop and he knows I smoke and he doesn't even give a shit.
  16. The concept of having police is stupid. If somebody honestly wants to do something they are going to do it no matter what, prohabition has never stopped anything.

    A few weeks ago at a music festival in Sydney there was a girl on X and she saw some police walking up to her with a bunch of sniffer dogs. She started to panic and took the rest of the drugs she had, overdosed and died. If the police were not there she would not have died.

    Being a cop is a thankless job though. But they are there for no reason. Its not the cops walking the beat capturing the murderers and the rapists anyway.
  17. Dude it doesn't matter if they're not always caught, 50+% of all people who murder someone are caught. The fear of being caught stops people from committing crimes. If we had no one to enforce and kind of law, there would be no order at all in the world.
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    Behind this kind of statement is the assumption that people are inherently murderous, which just makes me want to vomit all over myself

    I mean, if we need cops because people would commit crimes otherwise, logically that means that a majority are predisposed to criminality. And if most people are criminals, then how the fuck do you justify giving this human-animal the authority that a cop has?
  19. I'm not saying everyone is inherently murderers bro but say they just decided to stop using police what's to stop people from killing someone when they get mad enough at someone? what's to stop them from going to the local BMW dealership and taking whatever they want?

    There's no logic behind what you're saying man
  20. again, you're assuming that police are the only people who don't tolerate theft/murder. Are you saying that everyone else would just ignore these actions as if they're not affected?

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