I rescued a cat :-D

Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Hey City,

    So today I rescued a cat!


    My camera sucks- so I am going to borrow one and get pics up tomorrow, but man am I excited.

    Me and my brother used to share an apartment and when he moved out he took the cat (because it was his).

    So since he moved out back in August it has been just me here in the house. It was becoming a little lonely here without a companion. Sure I have my lizard, but its not the same as a cat.

    So there was this cat hanging around this lady's house I work with. It is very friendly- which made both of us believe it had a home at one point. She checked the neighborhood though and no one claimed the cat.

    She could not take it in because she already has 3- so she asked if I may be interested. She wanted to give it a home before the weather gets any cooler- and did not want to bring it to a pound beause if no one would adopt it they would put it to sleep within a couple weeks.

    I couldn't see them putting this cat to sleep- its too damn friendly.

    So I took it in today.

    He's warmed up to the place rather quickly- and seems to love having a home. Actually when he was back at the lady's house he wanted to go inside soooo bad- he wanted a home.

    He's an all black male- probably around 3-5 years old. Looks like he was in a fight or two, but overall in very good health.

    I will bring him to the vet on Thursday to get all the shots he needs, tested for feline lukemia & aids, and wormed (just in case).

    One thing I'm not sure about is if he should be neutered- he will be an indoor cat so him making babies isn't an issue haha. It just seems like such a cruel act to put him through- considering how free his life has been.

    Anyone have any advice on the neutered subject? Is it necessary?

    Anyways- pics tomorrow.

    I'm sooooooo happy- and the cat seems just as happy to finally have a new home.

  2. lucky for him he found a stoner to live with
  3. Awsome dude, your a badass for doing that, cats still kick ass even though dogs are better, as for giving him the snip snip i would i did that to my cat hes a big fat orange cat about5-6 years old almost and i think the males spary and extremely smelly thing to attract females thats why i opted to get my kitty cat snipped, its awsome at night my cat curls up on my right side and my dog on my left, no room left for the woman ohh well at least im safe, nobody is getting in my bedroom without the dog sending them to the hospital!
  4. That is good to hear, giving an animal a home, that's what I really like about some people. You're a kind guy, and I'm sure the cat will love living with you indoors, definatly better than outside in the cold. Good for you man, did you name him/her yet.
  5. Yep neuter him if u don't want him spreading his pheromones around the place. Also I hear it makes them less aggressive, but not sure about it.

    I got a girl cat, so I don't know about male cats.:rolleyes:
  6. I'm so for the proper and healthy care of ANY animal that is in need or suffering.

    That was a good thing you did +rep :smoke:

  7. Nope- no name yet.

    I want to see his personality before I name him

    Even after being nuetered male cats will still spray if they feel the need, just ask one of my friends.

    Good thing he purchased a matress protector haha

    Thanks man, I feel the same way.


    I think he loves it here- or is atleast extremely comfortable. He's been sleeping soundly now for close to an hour.

    Must feel good to sleep and not worry about anything and have a full stomach.

    Makes me all warm and fuzzy for bringing him into my home.
  8. Do you live in bristol RI?

  9. Nope- West Warwick.

    What about you- what part of RI do you reside?

    (if your not comfortable saying in a thread PM me)

    And secondly- why do you ask?
  10. I think he was a little dehydrated too- he drank almost a whole bowl of water.

    And its funny to watch him sleep- he kicks his paws like a dog haha.

    Man I need to think of a name for him.
  11. hey Cheebs, that was a great thing you did, and Im glad you are taking the necessary to do as an owner to get him checked out and vaccinated,+ rep.

    I volunteer for a homeless cat rescue organization and I can say firsthand that getting your pets spayed or neutered is the smart thing to do. In a perfedt world, fixing a pet would not be necessary, but unfortunately with so many homeless unwanted animals it is.

    I know you say hes an indoor kitty, but kittes are clever and they can get out, sure he might come back but who knows what sort of kity debauuchery he may have engaged in?

    it also reduces ( not eliminates) the risk of spraying, can make them calmer and cuts out ther chances of developing testicular cancer.

    Oh and when you take him to the vet dude, be sure to get him microchipped.
  12. My cat is 1 year old male and not neutered,I suggest you do the same thing.I admit though at around 4-6 month'd there gonna be peeing all over the place,but it's just a phase,let him outside and he should stop.

    Me and my cat are best friends now even though we had a rough start,you'll love the feline companionship.

    Cats rule and dods drool.....+rep for such a humane act.....

    P.S don't get your cat stoned,it's not cool.;)
  13. "Come here kitty! You can stay aslong as you want. Free food, free water, and shelter. All that i ask in return is..


    Leave him be, hes a free soul and deserves to keep his junk.

  14. lol on the balls
  15. Well, I have pics on a computer- but that computer is at work, I'll get them up here tomorrow.

    Anyways- I took him to the vet today, good and bad news.....

    He is overall in good health and is expected to live his full life.

    But he did test positive for feline aids :(.

    The vet was very optimistic though because he is in such good health. And she told me that normally if the cat is healthy otherwise they are able to live out their lives with little to no issues. So I am hoping that he will stay in good health.

    The vet did reccomend the fixing even though he will be an indoor cat- so I think I will have to put him through that. It will help keep him in good health- reducing cancer and other health issues.

    He did great with all the shots and having his blood drawn for the lukemia & aids testing. Except on one shot- he flinched a little (but it was the 4th and final shot). He has to go back in 3 weeks for a booster for the distemperment (he received that today but they like to do a booster a few weeks after).

    After we got home from the vet and had dinner we took a nice cat nap together :p. I thought he would be mad at me for taking him to the vet- but its almost like he knew it was good for him.

    I love this cat- like I said I just hope he can live his full life with no complications because of the feline aids.....

    Poor cat :(. Atleast now he has better chances with having a home and an owner- and if there is anything I can do for him I will.

    Pics tomorrow I promise.
  16. onooo
    feline aids i really dont no if it puts it thru pain but pour kittttty
    ya get some pics looking forward to them
  17. Seriously, especially a single stoner. I always give my dog SOO much attention when I'm high at home and it's just me and him.
  18. damn thats tight dude, i am a little disapointed tho, i came into this thread expecting you flying through the aire saving a car and barel rolling off the hood of a car or something
  19. hey its me again, im gadl hes ok for the most part, we had a cat at our main socialization center (I think his name was le Tigre) who was also FIV+,that meant that you cant have other cats except for other FIV+ cats, and for the most part they can lead very normal lives, so keep your head up. And show us some pics!
  20. Photos- sorry for the delay.

    These were taken the day I took him home- the last day he spent outside.

    He has big cheeks haha.




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