I remember the days when... (the nostalgia thread)

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. I remember the days when...
    you only needed a hundred and you'd be gaurunteed to have a place on the top posters of the last 30 days.

    share your own. keep it going a la fuckoff style, each sharing their own.
  2. When Namron was the city post whore...clockin up the ranks constantly posting the very first few of what are the now infamous "rant" threads.....good ol' Normsy Poo...where art thou biatch?

    When the ice cream man in my avatar wasn't restricted by the newer dimensions we have today, and every post of mine literally had his picture pop up right in your face... Or when digits old picture was subject to controversy when people began to notice eyes moving every so often...

    When we used to be graced with the wonderous threads by the rainman aka Tazz.... where'd that guy go?

    Or how about 420girlie and her countless stories of sexy rondevous with creepy men in warshington
  3. How about when we used to be able to edit our locations under our avatars....you know youre old school if itsays where you're from on the city.
  4. damn !
  5. ahhh so I'm not stoned it's not possible. I didn't dare ask, after the PM question..

    {note to self, once time machine completed, go back to 2001, logon to grasscity, and destroy said device}
  6. dgeee i wonder if we have anymore people in the closet?
  7. I'm in the closet... that's literally speaking- I AM IN A CLOSET- shit damn coat hangers. Aaaaaanyways: nostalgia about life or does it have to be the city. Nostalgia about life: when the insult "gaylord" was widley used in the UK- use it again with pride (it may be a little homophobic but it is the new insult for a new age... kinda). When glasses used to be "uncool"- I remember the other kids picking on a guy with glasses in my class, I of course, was a little loner at primary school and hence never joined in... ah- those were the days.

    City nostalgia.... ah when I first got here and there wasn't so fucking much to read... when bud head was still here before the accident with the raccoon... wait a sec that hasn't happened yet... never mind.
  8. cowboysaxman... where for art thou?
  9. I forgot how it feels!

    Norm! damn I miss those rants :)

    lol! ;)

    ..been missing ganjaphish too! (where is that cute pic of her and kitty?!)

    Nubbin, good call on the location thingie lol :)
  10. (I have that picture Sensi!!!! ;) I do. I do. I do!!!!!)

    I remember the days when Norm and I would stakeout the Ice Cream Man. Good times!

    I remember the days when someone could say that they were "too high" and a certain dude in the Zone would harrass that person saying that the whole "too high" thing didn't even exist.

    Ditto...on everything NuBB's said!!!!

    I remember the days when everyone thought that the Lil' Indian Dude was really a dude.

    (That's all I have. I mostly just wanted to post here to get to Sensi....I have the power of the picture. :D )

  11. I still flirt with everything that moves... Of the female perswation any way!!!

    I also miss Smokies tales of the week!
  12. City nostalgia.... ah when I first got here and there wasn't so fucking much to read... when bud head was still here before the accident with the raccoon... wait a sec that hasn't happened yet... never mind

    Hahaha Whats the deal with me and a racoon??? Should I be worried!!!
  13. Ahhhhh..........the good ole days!!!! LOL. I swear norm's rants will always be implanted in the depths of my fucked up head!!!! But damn, I miss him....but there at the end, I knew I had been reading his posts too long when they all started making sense to me in the strangest of ways!!!!

    And Bud Heads flirting can never be overlooked but I've always been a sucker for a good flirt!!!!!

    My buds here at the city keep bringing me back time and time again!!!!

    Oh, and since no one mentioned critter I'll say that his smilie faces and hello's in posts and pms always do make my day a lil brighter!!!!!!!!!

  14. http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?threadid=8075

    a blast from the past. :D

    maybe i should go put a link to this in the nostalgia thread too.... lol.... damn... i must still be stoned/drunk. this IS the nostalgia thread i'm posting it in. lol. how appropriate. lol.
  15. back in the day.... ahhh, that was when i was on the city almost 24/7. In a way i liked it better back then, there was a lot less to read, but its really all the same, theres still the love.
  16. rawr, I remeber when things used to simple like when I was child and I had really nothing to worry about but it seems to clutered and messy. I wish all of the worlds problems would go away and people could just live happily in the forest and just enjoy life.
  17. oh my sweet sweet flowerchild, i have returned for thine nectar

    you mother fuckers ..i am back, no more longing for me, no more wanting, your fix has arrived

    im going to be your good night horror story filled with love and laughs...glazed with a lil bit of dr pepper broulee, thats a neat word that i probably spelled wrong, smoked a couple joints tonight on the way to get some shrooms!! we went and got shrooms tonight, those will be ingested soon, very soon, also i anticipate tripping by myself...with you all very soon, now, back to my brouleee, fuck some dr pepper, im throwing some peanut butter and jelly premixed on that mother fucker
    chocolate blunts are better, i love the smooth chocolate flavor dancing around in the flavor pallette of my lungs, tripping into my brain..WE GOT ASSLOADS OF SHROOMS!!

    the leather clad three nippled midget is harrassing me again..what ever happpened to paul jamtngaurad or whatever, then theres the more recent sensimom love affair with yours truly...i miss smokinokie most of all
  18. word i went to yahooka.com first and all the "vast wastedland of freaked out punks dissin' me " got old quick so i said fug this im gunna find somthing better then i found grasscity...my new home i could stay here all day if the damn library wouldnt close.....god i need to get a new motherbord for my computer i got tons of pictures to show you guys but no way to do it i cant even use a floppy here :( im shure ill get it up and running by next year .....i hope if not ill just have to deal with the library ....any way im happy to be here and sad that i missed out on most of the past when i get my pc up ill go through all thogh posts and pretend that i was thare and said nothing
  19. ok ill go through a bunch of them....not all of them...just a nuff to get an idea of what i missed out on

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