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I recently took a small break from smoke, how much should I eat?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Jameswm09, Apr 12, 2016.

  1. so I'm getting some rice Krispy treats which have been imported from the 'dam and this will be the first time trying edibles since weed can be costly in the UK to make homemade edibles and edibles are pretty rare to find. I was a heavy smoker (2g of herb a day) until two weeks ago where I stopped for tolerance reasons etc etc. My question is, how much would you recommend me eating? Will the high be noticeable to members of public?
  2. Depends on how much is in the edible, not enough information for us to know.
  3. There's about 7-10g of cannabutter in each treat
  4. It's hard to tell as we don't know how strong the cannabutter is- are they 7- 10 mg of thc per treat? Or does it specifically state cannabutter. I'd say eat a small part until you see how it affects you. You can always eat more. Have fun!
  5. I think I may have seen a part saying 10mg (they were sent for me to have a look at on snapchat)
  6. I like a strong edible experience and would start with 50 mg. After 90 minutes I'd evaluate and eat more if I wanted. Like I said before you can always eat more. Let us know about your experience, please. I've always wanted to try canna rice crispy treats.
  7. Aight, I'll show you a photo when I get them
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