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I received my NY Medical Marijuana Card today !!!!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FaithWorks, May 4, 2016.


What delivery system should I use fr Medical Marijuana in NY?

  1. Vape Oil

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  2. Tinctures of Oil under tongue

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  3. THC capsules

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  1. Hello new friends,
    I am in my 50s and joined this forum tonight after picking up my NY State Medical Marijuana Card a few hours ago at local UPS Dropoff station. NY is very good and approves you in one day and overnights you the card. I started smoking pot back in the late 70s when I went to my first concerts at Madison Square Garden in 1977 and saw Zeppelin. So weed is not new for me. But I stopped once I entered the Corp World because of drug screenings and more importantly, I was not able to conduct business when I was stoned. A few drinks or even more than a few drinks and I would be fine. One hit of good smoke and I became useless.

    I became fully disabled a few years ago due to a horrific accident and found that Cannabis actually helps me deal with pain, which is how I was able to obtain cannabis in NY because I have two very painful nerve conditions. I have been on large does of prescribed Oxycontin for a few years and told my family Dr if I was approved for medical marijuana. I wanted to titrate off pain meds which he loved to here. The Dr I met with in NY spent 10 years in CA and she said she has helped 10s if not thousands people with chronic pain get completely off opiates with medical cannabis. Same thing with valium I take for anxiety. NY sucks because many of the common medical conditions that medical marijuana helps like stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc are not covered in NY. Everyone who suffers with any of these mental disorders knows weed helps, especially veterans with PTSD. It's sickening NY did not include that condition because 1000s of veterans could have been helped. The thing is, most people can find weed on street. I wanted to be seen by a medical Dr who is going to work with my pain Dr and psychiatrist to make sure everything is good so I will have 3 sets of eyes on me. If this Dr can get me of pain pills and valium, I will do jumping jacks because I have real chronic pain and other conditions that need medication.

    So Here are my few questions and I thank everyone for taking the time to read this and help me out.

    1.) I have access to the very best cannabis in NY which comes from CA so getting cannabis was never a problem and the bud was serious knock you on your ass sour diesel type of bud. . I vape weed and also love making cookies. Everything is about to change and I and I need advice asap as tomorrow may be first trip to pharmacy. This really is exciting stuff. But here is my confusion. In NY, there is no bud at all. The only 3 ways to purchase medical cannabis in NY is capsules with THC, vape oil, or a tincture that either uses eye drops or maybe even a spray that goes under tongue. The Dr who wrote the prescription said this oil was pharmaceutically manufactured and said be careful because it's very much stronger than the best bud I was getting.

    So my concern or question is this.

    1.) This has been a question I always wanted to ask so now's as good a time as ever. Why do people in States that are now fully legal continue to purchase medical marijuana?

    2.) As far as the 3 choices I have, there is something about taking THC tablets that does not do it for me. I would imagine it's a bit like an edible meaning it's a body high that takes probably an hour to kick in. As far as vaping oil, I did that once, only took two hits at a Gov't Mule Concert and I was ripped. Are their oils similiar to cannabis meaning some are better for when working during the day and other buds or oils are better for sleeping, insomnia, pain relief etc and used later in night. Because it was prescribed for pain, Dr said she would recommend the strongest dose knowing I may need to use this during day. I know nothing about tinctures at all. If anyone has any experience with tinctures or can just give me some general advice about the three choices I would very much be appreciated. Please understand besides the pain, I am also a musician with a home recording studio so getting a buzz early in day is not the worst thing that could happen to someone like me as long as it enables me to titrate of oxycontin. I told my Drs I don't care how much pain I am in, I am done with this crap and luckily I was approved for medical cannabis. I pray this works.

    Thanks for any advice as I am a bit nervous about tomorrow or Thursday.
    Stay healthy & happy.
    God Bless
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  2. if your doctor is that good then have her guide you as to best use and experiment with what is offered until you find best use. maybe someone in NY can offer better advice....
  3. if your doctor is that good then have her guide you as to best use and experiment with what is offered until you find best use. maybe someone in NY can offer better advice....
  4. Tincture's didbt work well for me...dabs, or oil as you say get you pretty ripped, they'll knock you out if you smoke too much and give you a sativa type if you smoke the right amount... I'm a very ill crohns patient, I have surgery next week..I have a NJ mmj card I cannot find a doctor in NY, can you recommend? What was total cost for you getting card? Please let me know Jersey's prices for oz are insane, I have to drive..just all around sucks, I don't want pain pills that turn people into heroin addicts
  5. The oil will help the most for your lai. Certainly tinctures didn't work, edibles (pills) are alright and good for sustained pain relief as your numb for so long but its a very couch lock in passing out feel.. I'll post a link to a disease and symptom specific list of marijuana strains, if that's what your inquiring.. Your doctor won't know about strains, I've been having such a hard time getting a card in NY...I get wax but it's so expensive and it's nefarious, with no control of quality.. I need help
  6. Disease specific MMJ strain list

    How are you going to vape the oil? Is it in a cartridge for an e cig? If so it may have glycol. Something I'm not on with smoking... If they give you wax then you can get a cheap dab rig..nice nail and enail..and your set...dhgate for rig ( I can send you link to mine it's great)....auber instrument for enail.. And highly educated for nail.. Prices are very varied the highly educated nail is expensive but its totally worth it, customer service is insanely good. I bought a Chinese "titanium" nail and it was cracking and flaking I doubt it was titanium
  7. Start slow. A lot has changed since the 70s and weed is crazy strong now. Wait until you try your first dab but definitely build a tolerance to regular flower first.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  8. The cost was $250 for one time medical visit. The next visit in 6 months is $100. Can you explain one thing, If you live in NJ, how can you obtain a NY Medical Card? I thought you must reside in the State you get the card. If there is a way to send me a private email, I will give you the Drs name & number. I got lucky because there is a pharmacy 5 minutes away and another pharmacy 15 minutes away but a different company. I happen to like the Vireo website . The other company is Etain Health – Highest Quality Medical Marijuana For Patients In New York. I can not determine which has better quality products. I am going to start a new thred to get this info asap. I hope this info helped and make sure you send me a message for any info regarding Drs in NY.
  9. I think you are going to be sorely disappointed with the oil and tinctures, I was talking to this dude in NY and he said they're just shit. It's not anything you can smoke, just ingest. Never been so IDK. Of all of them I'd think the tincture would be best for you. For my pain the higher CBD product I can get the better.
  10. I haven't tried any oils or any NY dispensary stuff..I too use CBd for the inflammation in my gut, THC helps me with appetite and pain
  11. You are right about being disappointed with the oil used for ingesting. This pharcy does not sell tinctures which is oil made with alcohol that comes on in a few minutes. The oil this company selld takes about 1 hour to come on and 90 minutes to peak. I also purchased oil to vape which was the highest THC content. The cost for the vape pen with oil is $94 and gives you approx 100 hits. They said if I purchase a vaporizer made for oil. I would get twice the amount for $125 and just get the oil. This is a no brainer and I am sure that two containers of oil which is 400 hits will be perfect for a month. They offer a 10% discount to vets, disabled people and people in financial hardship. So I am looking at $225 a month. I used vireo as my first pharmacy but realize that different dispensaries have different products. I would like to try a tincture to see if that works for me but definitely not buying the oil taken orally again. I will say the vape oil is fairly potent and two tokes gives me great relief. It's strange vaping oil because I was used to vaping good strong bud. The oil works, doesn't stinkup up house, and there is zero warmup time on the pen they gave me. Just put in mouth press button and take hit asap. I will viusit site agin in a month to give anyone in NY an update. Also, if you need the name of a medical Dr in NY, send me a private message. To everyones health & happiness. God Bless
  12. Just curious what brand pen did they give ya?

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