I received a miracle

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mos_def, May 16, 2010.

  1. Saturday, I'm at the mall chilling, I had just smoked a blunt before that. Feeling pretty high.
    I decide to go to walmart to get some snacks because I have a date in 15 minutes at the movies. I end up buying a box of cookies and angel food cake, stupid because you can't even sneak those in.
    I get in the shortest line thinking to myself "hell yeah i finally got some luck!"
    5 minutes pass and i realize that the line is not moving, and i begin observing the cart in front of me.
    Filled to the brim with about 150products.
    I then realized I had made a horrible mistake standing in that line.
    I begin to panic
    "what if i'm late to the movie, what if i'm late to my date's house, what if what if what if.." all these horrible scenarios.
    My mind finally stops and focuses on one thing "i need a miracle or i'm fucked"
    I stand there zoned out just repeating those words, then i realized a lady to my right is speaking to me.
    She says "sir, sir, i can help you over here sir"
    and then i realized, i had recieved a miracle.
  2. Yeah, having cashiers actually do their job at Walmart certainly IS a miracle!

  3. you obviously never been to walmart where it's busy..every single line had 20 people in them except the one i got in lmao. and there's ALWAYS a shortage of cashiers
  4. Really? That's a miracle?

    I had the same thing happen to me a week or so ago at Walmart, certainly nothing miraculous about it.

  5. I've been to Walmarts in all states of disarray...and I can tell you, there's never a shortage of cashiers. They're all just off pretending to stock shelves

    Go read the book "Nickel and Dimed." The author talks about this quite a bit. Walmart is all about running their employees ragged.
  6. There's always long lines at Walmart
    and always a new checker coming onto the register to call you over from the long line.

    No miracle there, though. Just people doing their job.
  7. I thank my lucky stars everday that I don't shop at Walmart.
  8. damn im blessed, dude i must get miracles all the time then
  9. I was TOTALLY expecting something different. wtf
  10. fuck bitches bro
  11. this morning i woke into an atmosphere of mixed oxygen and nitrogen, just the kind of gas i need to inhale to keep living!

    it is a miracle

    later on, i started feeling a little down and i heard this strange noise coming from my stomach. instinctively, i knew that i needed some kind of nourishment, food if you will. my stomach needs a miracle.

    so i make myself a sandwich and eat that shit, and suddenly things are okay again.

    it is a miracle
  12. You know what'd be a real miracle?
    If cops around here started doing their fucking jobs :(

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